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The Phabulizers are the main protagonists of the Shorty McShorts' short of the same name. They are a group that consist of Jimbo, Oki-Dokie, Boomer, and Hunky-D.

Why They’re Not Phabulous

  1. Laughably bad character names, such as Hunky-D.
  2. Bad character designs, with [Will add character name once I figure them out] looking like a lazy copy of Johnny Bravo.
  3. The voice acting on them is very annoying to listen to, especially Oki-Dokie.
  4. Boomer acts like a Jamaican stereotype, which can offend a lot of people.
  5. Oki-Dokie is the worst of them all, as she threatens Boomer, Sings to manipulate Phil into skating down a deep ramp, which leads to him breaking his arm, and shows not one shred of remorse for putting him in a cast. This makes her look sociopathic.
  6. They try WAY TOO HARD to be hip and trendy, especially Hunky-D.
  7. They show no signs of remorse for nearly getting Phil killed.
  8. Hilariously bad dialogue, such as the infamous “Phlip, Phlop, and Phly”.
  9. Jimbo ripping off his shirt is very cringe-inducing.
  10. They never get punished nor do they apologize for hurting Phil.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Hunky-D is the least terrible of them all.
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