The Perfect Family

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Far from perfect!

The Perfect Family is a family of supporting characters from the British adult animated television series Stressed Eric. They are the wealthy, successful, snobbish next door neighbors of Eric Feeble. The members of the Perfect are:

  • Ray, who shares the same workplace with Eric, but is senior and consistently praised for his fine work.
  • Mrs. Perfect, Ray's wife.
  • Heather, the daughter and only child of Ray and Mrs. Perfect.

Why They Suck

  1. The family name is misleading, as they really aren't perfect at all; they're only successful and wealthy.
  2. They are greedy and selfish jerky punks who simply poke fun at Eric and his children.
  3. Ray commonly annoys Eric a lot.
  4. Heather commonly bullies Eric's children and makes fun of them.
  5. Plus, Heather is simply an ungrateful jerk.
  6. Their designs are very uncanny.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eric actually successfully got back against them in some episodes, and they sure deserve it!
  2. Mrs. Perfect's catchphrase, "How art thou, Eric?", is actually funny.