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    The Machines (Bob the Builder, 2015)

    The Machines
    "Can we fix the machines' flanderizations? No, we can't!"
    "Flanderization? No prob Bob!"
    "Oh wow, I'd love to join in and get flanderized!"
    "He's blue, he's strong, but his personality's gone wrong!"
    "Pour to flanderization!"
    "Now I've ruined my character! I'm soooooo sorry..."
    Can we fix it? No, we can't!
    Gender: Male (Scoop, Muck, Roley, and Lofty)
    Female (Dizzy)
    Type: Clumsy, Careless Mistake Making Digger (Scoop)
    Stupid, Idiotic Mistake-Making Dump Truck (Muck)
    Crazy, Know-It-All Cement Mixer-Turned-Filler Character (Dizzy)
    Fussy Steam Roller (Roley)
    Sarcastic, Intelligent Crane (Lofty)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Digger (Scoop)
    Dump Truck (Muck)
    Cement Mixer (Dizzy)
    Steam Roller (Roley)
    Crane (Lofty)
    Portrayed by: Blake Harrison (Scoop UK/US)
    Paul Panting (Muck UK)
    Vincent Tong (Muck US)
    Sarah Hadland (Dizzy UK)
    Claire Corlett (Dizzy US)
    Marcel McCalla (Roley UK)
    Ian James Corlett (Roley US)
    Steven Kynman (Lofty UK)
    Richard Ian Cox (Lofty US)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bob the Builder (2015)

    Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley and Lofty are five of the main characters from the children's show Bob the Builder and its 2015 reboot. They are a group of machines that are owned by Bob and Wendy.

    In the reboot, Scoop is voiced by Blake Harrison, Muck is voiced by Paul Panting in the UK and Vincent Tong in the US, Dizzy is voiced by Sarah Hadland in the UK and Claire Corlett in the US, Roley is voiced by Marcel McCalla in the UK and Ian James Corlett in the US and Lofty is voiced by Steve Kynman in the UK and Richard Ian Cox in the US.

    While they were good in the original series, they were unfortunately flanderized in the 2015 reboot.

    Why They Can't Fix It Anymore

    In General

    1. The most obvious reason why they are bad now is that their characters were flanderized beyond recognition, and seemingly act nothing like their original selves (probably except for Dizzy).
    2. The new voices that were given to them are extremely ear-piercing to listen to, as they don't match their characters in the slightest, and hardly sound anything like their original voice actors.
      • Scoop sounds way too high-pitched and younger, and it sounds like Norman Price in post-season 6 episodes of Fireman Sam except without a Welsh accent (ironically, they're both voiced by Steven Kynman). He also has the same voice in the US, rather than having a different voice actor.
      • Muck's new voice makes him sound like a knucklehead, similar to the new voice that was given to Elvis Cridlington starting in season 6 of Fireman Sam.
      • Roley's new voice sounds way too high-pitched to the point where it sounds like he sucked some helium. In addition to that, the US has him sound like some imitation of Thomas and Percy.
      • Lofty seems to have a Cornish accent in the UK version for some reason. The US has him sound like a poor man's imitation of SpongeBob SquarePants or Stingy from LazyTown.
      • Dizzy's US voice sounds far too high-pitched and comes off as just grating.
    3. Their redesigns are incredibly mediocre to look at, as they've gone from looking cartoony and cute looking, into being way too realistic and creepy looking to even feel like the original machines. The redesigns are so unappealing to children and toddlers and are ultimately so forgettable that they could make children forget what they even look like.
      • Not to mention, they are way less expressive than their original personalities were; with the original designs of the characters, you were able to tell the emotion that they were feeling, and they were incredibly expressive when it came to that. While it is possible to tell the emotion that the characters in the reboot are feeling, compared to their original counterparts, they are pretty emotionless in comparison.
    4. Due to all the reasons listed above, they most likely killed the entire Bob the Builder franchise.


    1. He started as a sensible and reliable leader whom Bob and Wendy were able to trust in the original series, but in the reboot, he is now an over-excited, young, clumsy, careless goofball who always messes everything up all the time, either unintentionally, or mostly even on purpose.
    2. In most episodes of the reboot, he always gets the main focus of the episode, while some other characters like Muck or Lofty do get the spotlight sometimes, but for most episodes, he always gets the spotlight and often has way too much screentime, much like Norman Price in Fireman Sam since season 6.
    3. In many of the episodes he is in, he has made way too many mistakes. To name just a few examples:
      • He slipped on snow causing him to lose control and accidentally hit a ski lift, causing it to fall (at least when he did something familiar in the original series' special, Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games, he later apologized to Pilchard).
      • He slipped on the ground causing him to accidentally push Lofty over the edge of a bridge.
      • He ended up ruining a road when constructing it.
    4. He never gets any character development throughout the reboot and he never learns from any of his mistakes.
    5. He never gets any comeuppances whatsoever, making him a Karma Houdini.


    1. He went from being a dimwitted yet reliable benefactor, into a thousand times dumber idiot who equally screws up like Scoop except because of his stupidity.
    2. Much like Scoop, he often gets the spotlight way too much in most episodes of the reboot.
    3. He also never learns from any of his mistakes, and never gets any comeuppances, making him an Idiot Houdini.
    4. Oddly enough, in the US dub of the reboot, he became a male, while he's female in the original series.


    1. He arguably suffered the absolute worst flanderization in this reboot, as he went from being a friendly, shy coward into being intelligent, and sarcastic and is no longer scared of anything. What's worse is that in the original series, he was meant to be a relatable character whom the children can feel sympathy for watching the show.
    2. His redesign almost looks nothing like his original self, and much like the other redesigns, it is unappealing to look at.
    3. He is often a jerk to most of the other machines for no reason; an example of this is when he says that Scoop is "yellow, strong, but his lights gone wrong".
    4. Much like Scoop and Muck, he often gets the spotlight way too much in most of the episodes he is in.
    5. He also has a crush on Picksy, which feels a bit forced considering this is a show aimed at young children.
    6. Unlike in the original series, when Bob or whoever says "Can we fix it?", he never says "Yeah, I think so".


    1. While she wasn't flanderized, she was pushed over as a side character for seemingly no reason at all.
      • Because of this, both she and Roley barely even get the spotlight in most episodes she is in.
    2. Her redesign in particular is probably the absolute worst of all the machines in the show, as she went from having a cute design to looking extremely unappealing and creepy, and she hardly looks anything like her original design.


    1. He went from being smooth and calm with a love of music to a perfectionist who is extremely fussy about making sure that everything was nice and flat.
    2. Much like Dizzy, he was pushed over as a side character who barely gets the spotlight in most of the episodes.
    3. His redesign is rather mediocre and unappealing to look at.
    4. Depending on your view, he's also younger than his original self.
    5. As mentioned before, Ian James Corlett gives off a bad performance as Roley.
      • It's also pretty sad since Ian James Corlett is usually a great voice actor.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Scoop, Muck, Roley, and Lofty all used to be great in the original series, which makes their flanderization sadder, especially Lofty's.
    2. Despite her terrible redesign, Dizzy was the only one who wasn't flanderized and remains the same likable, crazy, know-it-all cement mixer that she was in the original series.
    3. Scoop and Muck's redesigns, while bad, are at least somewhat more accurate to their original designs than Roley, Dizzy, and Lofty's redesigns are.
    4. Even though most of the voice actors do bad jobs at voicing the characters, Sarah Hadland at least did a decent job at voicing Dizzy in the UK.
    5. Muck and Dizzy’s voice actors from the Greek dub of the original series reprise their roles, and they still do a great job voicing their characters.


    • Sarah Hadland (who voices Dizzy in the UK) and Steven Kynman (who voices Lofty in the UK) both worked on Fireman Sam.
      • To be fair, Kynman worked in season 6 onwards, and Hadland worked in the fifth season.
    • Paul Panting (who voices Muck in the UK) also worked on Chuggington, another show Sarah Ball worked on.
    • Vincent Tong (who voices Muck in the US), Claire Corlett (who voices Dizzy in the US), Ian James Corlett (who voices Roley in the US), and Richard Ian Cox (who voices Lofty in the US) worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Unlike in the original series, Muck in the 2015 series is a male in both the US and UK versions.
    • Muck became a female character again in the Japanese version.




    Flanderization+Character derailment=


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