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    The Loud Brothers
    One girl and ten boys (Would trade them for a once of joy!)
    Gender: All Male
    Type: Jerks
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    The Genderbent Royal Woods characters, commonly dubbed by fans as The Loud Brothers are one-shot characters of The Loud House and the main antagonists of the infamously-despised season 1 episode, "One of the Boys" and reappear in a cameo in a flashback in the short "Super-Switcherooni-verse".

    Why They Suck

    1. They are extremely poor representations of genderbent versions of their characters, the Loud sisters, and they make having only brothers look like absolute hell.
    2. They are complete jerks to Lincoln to the point where they are completely unlikable.
    3. They are also shown to be completely ungrateful and unappreciative, as one day they thanked Lincoln for the idea of a day at Dairyland and Gus's Games and Grub and then suddenly the next day, they treat him like dirt as if he's not even one of their brothers.
    4. They give a bad name to the stereotype of how young boys and teenagers are usually portrayed.
    5. The older ones, in particular, give bad examples to their younger siblings as they teach them to bully and act like jerks to those who they see as "soft".
    6. Their form of bullying can be very disgusting, especially the infamous "Dutch Oven Loud House-style" moment.
    7. Much like Tara Webster, they have no motivation for bullying their brother and pretty much only do it to make his life miserable.
    8. They are also massive hypocrites as they steal Lincoln's shirts because theirs are dirty but make fun of him when he needs a clean one.
    9. They get off scot-free throughout most of the episode, even when they do these kinds of stuff in front of their parents that they know is wrong.
    10. Though a nice moment, the fact that they treated Lincoln nicely when he became Linka and treated him poorly as a boy shows that they're also sexist.
    11. They tease Lincoln constantly.
      • That's ironic because they are boys, so that's like saying they hate each other.
    12. The only reason Lincoln did not want to leave the alternate dimension was because they drove him to his favorite places.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They weren’t that much of a problem towards Lincoln, since they were only part of Lincoln’s dream.
    2. Their designs as genderbent characters are pretty good.
    3. At least they were nicer to Linka Loud, who was practically a genderbent Lincoln during the dream, even though that was sexist of them.
    4. At least the fact that they torment Lincoln isn’t all the time, like when they’re first introduced.
    5. Their voice actors do a decent job, and the four oldest Loud brother’s voice actors were well-casted.
    6. Levi Loud is the only tolerable out of the all of the brothers.


    1. Loki Loud (oldest)
    2. Loni Loud
    3. Luke Loud
    4. Lane Loud
    5. Lynn Loud Jr.
    6. Lars Loud
    7. Leiff and Lexx Loud
    8. Levi Loud
    9. Leon Loud (youngest)


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