The Logging Locos (Thomas & Friends)

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The Logging Locos (Thomas & Friends)
Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.png
"That's right."
Gender: Males
Type: Annoying Comic-Relief filler characters with no personality.
Species: Steam locomotives
Portrayed by: William Hope, Kerry Shale, and Glenn Wrage (US)
Matt Wilkinson, Keith Wickham and Ben Small (UK)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Thomas & Friends

The Logging Locos are a group of American logging engines from Thomas & Friends who live and work on Misty Island. The group is made up of Bash and Dash, two tank engine twins, and Ferdinand, a large tender engine.

Why They're Not Really Useful


  1. They're very annoying characters who serve no purpose other than being Comic-Relief.
  2. They have no personality and are all basically the same character. This is further proven with how Bash and Dash have the same design, just with their colors switched.
  3. They were one of the main reasons why Thomas & Friends fans hated both Misty Island Rescue and the Sharon Miller Era.
  4. Despite being steam locomotives, they run on oil for some reason.

Bash and Dash

  1. They don't have any buffers, which is very dangerous in real life.
  2. Their voices in the UK are awful as they are incredibly high pitched and irriating.


  1. To get the elephant out of the room, his catchphrase "That's right" is very annoying.
  2. Besides his annoying catchphrase, he doesn't have much lines when compared to Bash and Dash.
  3. In "Misty Island Rescue", he said "That's right" for a total of 20 times. How can that not get on your nerves?!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They thankfully never appeared again after Sharon Miller was replaced by Andrew Brenner.
  2. At least they helped Thomas get back to Sodor and complete it's Search And Rescue Center.
  3. Their designs do look interesting and are pretty good.
  4. William Hope, Kerry Shale, Glenn Wrage (US) Matt Wilkinson, Keith Wickham and Ben Small (UK) all do a decent to good job voicing them.


The Logging Locos have received very negative reviews of fans and critics of Thomas and Friends alike for their presence, personality, and annoying attempts at humor. They are considered one of the contributing factors of the series first decline in quality and are also considered some of the worst characters in the franchise.


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