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    The Logging Locos
    "That's not right!" - The Logging Locos’ reaction to finding out that they're on this wiki.
    Gender: Males
    Type: Annoying Comic Relief Filler Characters
    Species: Steam locomotives
    Portrayed by: Matt Wilkinson (Bash, UK)
    Keith Wickham (Dash, UK)
    Ben Small (Ferdinand, UK)
    William Hope (Bash, US)
    Kerry Shale (Dash, US)
    Glenn Wrage (Ferdinand, US)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Thomas & Friends

    The Logging Locos are a trio of American logging engines from Thomas & Friends who live and work on Misty Island. The trio is made up of Bash and Dash, two tank engine twins, and Ferdinand, a climax tender engine.

    Why They're Not Right For Anything


    1. They're very annoying and one-dimensional characters who serve no purpose to the series other than for comic relief, but they're actually unfunny comic-relief characters.
    2. They have the exact same personality to each other, which is no personality. This is further proven by how Bash and Dash have the same design, just with their colors switched.
    3. They are one of the main things that sped up the series’ decline in quality during its first Dark Age (seasons 9-16) and are also one of the main reasons why Misty Island Rescue was poorly received.

    Bash and Dash

    1. They always start and finish each other's sentences.
    2. Their voices in the UK dub are awful, as they are incredibly high pitched and irritating.


    1. To get the elephant out of the room, his catchphrase "That's right!" is very annoying and repetitive. Granted, it's common for characters to have catchphrases, but Ferdinand's catchphrase is overused to the point where it gets very annoying to listen to. And to make things worse, in Misty Island Rescue, he said "That's right!" for a total of 20 times. How can that not get on your last nerve?!
    2. Besides his annoying catchphrase, he doesn't have many lines compared to Bash and Dash.
    3. While his design is nice, his face can look a bit uncanny.

    "That's right!" Qualities

    1. At least they helped Thomas get back to Sodor and complete the Search and Rescue Centre.
    2. They're now learning how to be really useful engines on the Fat Controller's railway by helping the Sodor engines and learning about the proper way of doing things, the values of good behavior, and forming new friendships with others.
    3. Their designs are pretty good.
    4. Their voices in the US dub and Ferdinand's voice in the UK dub are pretty decent.
    5. There were a few times they were likable, such as in season 15’s "Toby and Bash", which was a mediocre episode to some.
    6. Thankfully, they were written out of the series after season 16, though Ferdinand made a cameo in the season 18 episode "Signals Crossed".


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