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    The Lemonade Stand Gang (Dan Vs.)

    The Lemonade Stand Gang (Dan Vs.)
    DV TheLemonadeStandGang APP 1 61511.jpg
    Gender: Male, Female
    Type: Manpulating Gang
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tara Strong, Dan Mandel, Grey DeLisle
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: Dan Vs.

    The Lemonade Stand Gang is a ruthless group of juvenile delinquents who run a lemonade stand under the leadership of Timmy in the Hub Cartoon series, Dan Vs..

    Why They Sucked

    1. Though they're children, they have a huge unhealthy habit of doing a lot of illegal crimes around town such as destroying Dan and Chris' cars after they destroy their bikes.
    2. They're the characters along with Big Tex Arkana from Buddy Thunderstruck where Chris Pearson's writing falling from grace.
    3. They have very bratty and selfish attitudes who barely show any respect to people who don't want to buy lemonade from them which proves they can't take criticism.
    4. When they're in their room when their parents are out, they call each other and use evil plans to get people to buy their lemonade.
    5. Much like Scooter Buskie, They have done a lot of disruption in town by constantly bullying and vandalizing people's property.
    6. They're a stereotyped group, which you have the following: the mastermind, the tough girl, the idiot, and the muscle, which have been done many times before.
      • Even Timmy is considered to be a rip-off of Elliot Kid due to their troublemaking nature.
    7. They steal the townsfolks' wallets by hanging them over to them and downright used the money for what they want which is like Preston and Priscilla Northwest and Big Tex Arkana doing the same thing.
    8. While Tara Strong, Dan Mandel, and Grey DeLisle do a fine job voicing them, their lines can be very laughable.
    9. Every time they're on screen, they're total manipulating freaks, always to the point where they become all-out bullies. Even when people refuse to buy their lemonade.
    10. They even flame Chris who doesn't want their lemonade by lying to the cop that he refuses to pay for their lemonade, the cop thinks they're little angels without Chris even knowing that the Lemonade Stand Gang has done a lot of illegal activities.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Their designs are decent looking and outright cute much like the rest of the characters from the show.
    2. Tara Strong, Dan Mandel, Grey DeLisle did pretty good jobs voicing them.
    3. They got their comeuppance from their parents after they watched a VHS tape of them throwing lemonade stock at an old lady, hitting Chris on the legs, and destroying Dan's car.


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