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    The Karens
    If you thought Mr. Military was an awful choice for a vlog character, then how about these two?

    The Ladies are unnamed minor characters from the Wilbur Soot channel. Their only appearance was in "We Became Crime Scene Investigators".

    Why These Two Are Intentionally Absolute Karens


    1. These two are infamous for their loud, ear-piercing, annoying, petty, abysmal, and non-merciful behavior who won't stop yelling for just half a second.
    2. They never show mercy to Tommy or Wilbur to the point they refuse to shut up.
    3. They never get any punishment or comeuppance for their insane, ignorant, abusive, petty, and selfish actions to Tommy and Wilbur, which makes them both very notable Karma Houdinis, with Lady #2 having her status to the absolute extreme.

    Lady #1

    1. Her debut appearance is very dull to the point where she says, "The boardroom looks like an abortion".
    2. Her voice when she shouts sounds unnerving and grating to listen.
    3. Her addiction with her phone was no better, because she became incredibly ignorant to the point where at times, it feels like she doesn't want to do this job at all.
    4. She gets angry quickly and starts swearing at Tommy and Wilbur just for "being late".
    5. She easily gets furious at both Tommy and Wilbur all because they were having fun.
    6. She starts telling Tommy and Wilbur to identify the fake dead bodies on the floor; because of her stupid demand, this makes her a mean popular girl.
    7. She was called "silly AF" by Tommy and Wilbur Because of her temper, and then starts getting angry really quick because of that.
    8. She even went as far when she was caught on tape literally by murdering a man named John and had the plan to kill Frank. From that topic of view, she is insane.

    Lady #2

    1. Her first line and debut appearance were even worse than Lady #1, because she was louder, more unappealing, more unlikable, more annoying, and more ear-piercing to the point where it actually made the AEG incarnation of Thomas' voice sound way more decent in comparison.
    2. Unlike Lady #1, she's louder, more grating, brattier, and way more annoying than her.
    3. On the topic of her voice, like Lady #1, her voice is unnervingly grating to hear, especially when she shouts.
    4. She treats Tommy and Wilbur even worse than what Lady #1 does, by yelling at their faces non-stop were she doesn't even care in the slightest just because of touching the hand that was on a woman's dead corpse.
    5. She also insulted Tommy and Wilbur by calling them Harry Potter and Draco, which really offended them.
    6. She is extremely abusive as well. As a Karen herself, she yells at Tommy and Wilbur just to let them go faster because she tells them to follow her in the ABSOLUTE WORST way possible.
    7. She never calms (herself) down due to her loud temper and annoying (and even grating) voice.
    8. Some of her moments can get you on your very last nerves, mostly her yelling.
    9. Her quote "Do you like it? Because I f*****g don't!" sounded as if she was on steroids.

    Redeeming Qualities


    1. Their constant yelling is what makes them so hated.
    2. Like Mr. Military, they only appeared in one video.
    3. They are not Mary Sues.

    Lady #1

    1. Her design looks simple but also pretty.
    2. "You had your balls out?"
    3. She is a bit more tolerable than Lady #2.
    4. She at least was called out by Tommy after she said "You're a f*****g mess to be honest" to him.
    5. "She is Very Cruel" does show how much Tommy really hates her, even he and Wilbur called her "silly" because of her anger issues.
    6. She does try and give Wilbur respect by saying "You found it? Brilliant! You do have a brain cell!"

    Lady #2

    1. She does have a bit of hilarious moments.
    2. "1, 2, 3, don't f*****g smile!!!"


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