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    The Interns (Psychonauts 2)

    The Interns (Psychonauts 2)
    As if you jerks deserve to become Junior Psychonauts, nonetheless Raz's friends.
    Gender: Female (Gisu, Lizzie, Norma, Sam) Male (Morris and Adam)
    Type: Psychic Jerks
    Age: Teenagers
    Species: Psychic Humans
    Portrayed by: Catherine Taber
    Poonam Basu
    Kate Higgins
    Grace Kaufman
    Tru Valentino
    Giancarlo Sabogal
    Media of origin: Psychonauts 2

    The Interns are the supporting characters of Psychonauts 2. They are Razputin's fellow classmates who mess with him until he earns their respect.

    Why They Don't Deserve to Become Psychonauts


    1. They treat Razputin terribly when he first arrives. They trick him into giving them his clothes and locking him in a closet and not coming back for him.
    2. Despite being claimed to be highly skilled psychics, they hardly ever use their powers and easily get outclassed by Raz, who literally learned in three days and is much younger than them to boot!
    3. They peer pressured Raz into interfering with Hollis' mental connections, completely apathetic to the possibility that they could mess up Hollis all for the sake of going on a mission, showing that they will perform reckless acts without caring about who is negatively affected.
      • And when their actions cause Hollis to develop a gambling addiction, they refuse to take any responsibility and throw Raz under the bus and treat him as if he did everything. Displaying that they refuse to take any responsibility for their actions and blame others.
    4. Their designs are incredibly ugly, even for the series' standards.
    5. They show little to no care or concern for others.
      • As stated before, they bully Raz for no good reason and do awful things towards him.
      • They disrespect Hollis and give her a gambling addiction from messing with her mental connections. Even if Hollis is strict, that doesn't mean they can mess her up like that.
    6. When they go on the Lady Lucktopus mission, they only fool around and make Raz do all the work.
      • Actually, almost every time they appear, they make Raz do nearly all their work while they do the bare minimum, displaying that they're lazy and didn't deserve to become Junior Psychonauts since they just leech off Raz's hard-work and have done absolutely nothing of worth to earn be promoted.
      • They show hardly any gratitude towards Raz after he saves them from Lady Lucktopus and continue to treat him like trash.
    7. They hardly have any involvement in the story and become convenient at random times. Their involvement takes away screentime and development from more deserving characters like Raz's family or Lili Zanotto and only exist to be jerks.
      • In fact, you could remove them from the story and hardly anything would change, proving how poorly handled they were.
    8. While characters like Dion and Frazie Aquato are jerks towards Raz, they only act that way because they are bitter over Raz running away and poor character development. The Interns act like petty jerks towards Raz for no good reason.
      • In fact, Raz's family and Lili could have gotten proper development and could've become much more sympathetic and likable if the interns weren't forced into the story at inconvenient times.

    Adam Joseph Gette

    1. He has an incredibly bland personality, being the "nice, in-charge" guy of the group, but doesn't do anything to prove such.
    2. Hypocrisy: Despite claiming that Raz can count on him and that he'll stop the other interns from bullying him, he never does anything to stop them and joins in on bullying Raz.
    3. He displays little regard for Truman Zanotto's wellbeing. Considering that Truman is his mentor, you'd expect he'd at least care about him.
    4. His design is very tacky and lazily made, as his clothing contradicts too much.
      • He almost looks like a racist caricature with his stereotypical big lips and stained, oversized clothing.
    5. He refuses to serve Raz a drink at the Lady Lucktopus Casino, claiming that Raz needs to stay focused (albeit, he might've done it because the drinks contain alcohol).
      • Even if he didn't want Raz drinking alcohol, it makes no sense that he makes drinks for him and Lizzie despite both being underage.

    Lizzie Natividad

    1. She has a stereotypical "mean emo teenage girl" personality and is a massive jerk.
    2. Her voice is very irritating, as it sounds very nasally and almost like she has a cold.
    3. She abuses animals, as she sets up a dangerous trap for a goat and attempts to kidnap Lili's pet rat Harold. She even admits to attacking and possibly killing squirrels with PSI-Blast.
      • Speaking of the goat, she threatens it multiple times and even tries to feed it a can because she saw it in cartoons, showing she learned nothing from Compton Boole and has poor knowledge on caring for animals.
    4. She even mocks Raz for calling her out on how she treats animals, displaying that she can't take criticism.

    Morris Martinez

    1. He is incredibly narcissistic, as he believes that he's better than everybody else.
    2. He constantly talks down to Raz, such as saying Raz creates disgust in people's minds.
    3. The only remnants of a personality he has is being egotistical and wanting to start a radio station.
    4. He starts up a radio station and tries to get others involved despite it being against Psychonauts regulations and could get him kicked out.
    5. His design is a massive eyesore, as he looks like a bug-eyed beta version of Wally Darling from Welcome Home with haggis for a head.

    Norma Natividad

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she is incredibly manipulative towards others, especially Raz.
      • Heck, she even went through Raz's things in an attempt to steal money from him.
      • Not only that, she also betrayed Hollis' trust by manipulating Raz into messing with Hollis' mental connections.
      • She goads Forrest into giving her information about Maligula in her selfish hopes of finding the mole.
    2. Her design is a hideous eyesore, she looks moreso like a middle aged librarian than a teenager.
    3. She further severed the relationship between Raz and his father Augustus, by forming a false relationship with Augustus and preventing Raz from properly reconciling with his father. Alongside mocking Raz for having an estranged relationship with his father.
      • Not only that, but she tries to get involved with the family's connection with Maligula and Raz's relationship with his girlfriend Lili. Norma, Raz's relationships are absolutely none of your concerns.
    4. It's also shown that Norma is unintelligent, as she believes Raz is the mole after all he's done for her, and that "girlfriend" is a code word for Maligula.
    5. She snitches on Raz and Lili, which only makes the situation worse, and ends up releasing Maligula.
      • And Norma sees this as good , as she claims that she "helped", when she only helped Gristol have more time to release Maligula and has the gall to take all the credit!

    Gisu Nerumen

    1. Gisu makes Razputin vent Psychoseismometers, something that was HER job. She even admits the devices are "unstable", but she still unloads the job onto a child.
      • She disguises the whole thing under the idea of "glory" and adds a promise of "extra credit" when in reality she just was being lazy
    2. When Raz slipped on her levboard she prioritized the well being of her board and not of a real human.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They do eventually grow to respect Raz and treat him better.
      • Their clairvoyances also reflect how they've grown to respect Raz, like Lizzie seeing Raz as a fellow goth, Morris seeing him as a radio personality, etc.
      • Eventually they apologize to Raz, albeit halfheartedly.
    2. They do help out Raz later on the Casino mission and fight against Maligula (Though they were unsuccessful in the former).
    3. Despite his hypocritical behavior, Adam is the nicest intern towards Raz.
    4. Catherine Taber of Loud House fame, did an outstanding job as Norma, making her anti-heroic and entertaining.


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