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    The Great Gazoo (The Flintstones)

    The Great Gazoo

    "Toodeloo, dum dum!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pointless Alien Troublemaker
    Species: Alien
    A.I. (Jellystone!)
    Portrayed by: Harvey Korman (original)
    Eric Bauza (Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs)
    Flula Borg (Jellystone!)
    Media of origin: The Flintstones

    The Great Gazoo is a character from the sixth and final season of the American animated series The Flintstones. He is a friend of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble who appears from time to time. He speaks with a British accent.

    Gazoo has a host of reality-warping abilities, such as teleporting, materializing objects from thin air, transforming people and things, and even time traveling. He often causes trouble because of this.

    During the show's run, he wasn't that well received and disappeared after the show ended its run, only appearing in subsequent Flintstones media such as merchandise and comics, but ever since The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, he has become a proper part of the franchise. He also appears in the 2021 HBO Max series Jellystone!, where he's depicted as an A.I. instead of an alien and has a German accent instead of a British one.

    In The Flintstones, he was voiced by Harvey Korman, while in Jellystone!, he is voiced by Flula Borg.

    Why He's a Dum Dum

    1. His character and overall concept don't fit in with the show's prehistoric, Stone Age setting which relied on realism despite the juxtaposing of both the ancient and modern to this point. He's a living "jump the shark" moment. He feels like something out of the sister show The Jetsons rather than The Flintstones.
    2. Apparently, he had been banished from his home planet, Zetox, because he invented a weapon, which is a button that could destroy the entire universe with a single press. How he was able to get ahold of any of that stuff is beyond our reasoning?!
    3. The script tries to make us feel sympathy for him for said banishment, but he's too annoying to like. He spent his time on Earth being a jerk to Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, calling them "dum-dums", getting them into sticky and dangerous situations, and then disappearing when things got tough.
    4. There's no reason why Fred, Barney, the kids, and animals should be the only ones who can see him other than believing in his existence; if anything, it makes things worse for the characters.
    5. Apart from that, his storyline of him trying to return from Earth to the planet Zetox never even gets resolved by the time the show was canceled (spoiler alert), which only makes him even more pointless to the show.
    6. In Jellystone!, he has been flanderized to become much more mean-spirited than he already was. Here, he serves as a sociopathic host who convinces Augie Doggie and Yakky Doodle to keep playing Buddy Blasterz, while being aware that they unleash havoc and chaos onto the titular town. And sure enough, he caused them to destroy the entire town in the process.
    7. He's also no better in the reboot Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs episode "Alien vs. Pebbles", where he was at his worst as an antagonist when he chose to actually murder all the dinosaurs for no reason, which makes him a generic doomsday villain.
    8. Because of these reasons mentioned above, he is one of the main contributors to the original Flintstones series getting canceled.
    9. Eric Bauza does a terrible job voicing him in "Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs".
    10. Worst of all during the 6th season of "The Flintstones", you get stuck dealing with this guy in only 11 episodes.
    11. Not to mention he is an early troublesome version of Plankton from "SpongeBob SquarePants", (despite Plankton is the best character) and Cosmo from the last 2 seasons of "Fairly Odd Parents", but unlike Plankton and like Cosmo from the final 2 seasons of the original show, Gazoo here is no better and is very problematic.
    12. Worst of all he manages to almost get Fred and Barney in trouble with the law and got Fred terminated at the Slate Quarry.

    Redeeming Qualities that are not a Dum Dum

    1. His design is cute.
    2. Harvey Korman and Flula Borg both did a good job voicing him.
    3. He got his comeuppance in the Jellystone! episode "Gotta Kiss Them All", where he was forced to clean the park through community service as punishment for nearly destroying Jellystone which makes him not a karma houdini.
    4. Thankfully he didn't appear in "The Man Called Flintstone", "A Flintstones Christmas", "The Jetsons meet The Flintstones", "I Yabba-Dabba-Doo!"(despite he was seen in the promotional poster from the movie), "Hollyrock-a-Bye-Baby", "A Flintstones Family Christmas", A Flintstones Christmas Carol", "The Flintstones: ON THE ROCKS" and "The Flintstones: WWE Stone Age Smackdown".
    5. Despite the cancellation of the original run to "The Flintstones", he disappeared after the episode "My Fair Freddy".
    6. There are times when Gazoo was helpful in episodes like "The Stonefinger Caper", "Two Men on a Dinosaur", "Boss For A Day", "The Gravelberry Pie King" and "My Fair Freddy", (Which served as his last appearance).




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