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    Fox Quintuplets
    We would recommend them to go military school, boarding school or juvenile detention, not a babysitter.
    Gender: Various
    Type: Wrathfully Spoiled Kids
    Age: 6 (all)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Various
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    The Fox Quintuplets are characters from The Loud House. They first appeared in the infamous season 3 episode "Sitting Bull", although Pam did make a cameo appearance in "Breaking Dad". They are dubbed "the worst kids of Royal Woods" by Luan as they are the worst clients she, Lori, Leni, and Luna ever had.

    Why They're Intentionally the Worst

    1. They're the kind of children that would make The Loud Brothers like saints in comparison as they act like complete jerk towards their babysitters, such as:
      • Throwing stuff at poor Lori to the point where she had to hide behind the couch from them.
      • Locking Leni out of the house in the rain. She could have gotten hypothermia from being exposed like that.
      • Throwing a bucket of water on Luan while she was asleep.
      • And putting stuff down the toilet and flushing them, which could have flooded the entire house.
    2. They're the reasons why their parents cannot seem to find a babysitter.
    3. And worst of all, instead of sending them to military school or grounding them, their parents have Lynn Jr. (whose even more reckless than all of them combined.) look after them, which is not a good idea considering her bad behavior.
    4. They are at their absolute worst in the episode "Coupe Dreams" as they make Lori's rideshare job a nightmare like:
      • Attacking Lynn and her friends as soon as they get into Vanzilla.
      • Using the pizzas that was in half of the boxes that was supposed to go a family as ammunition, which caused her to give the customer a refund.
    5. Overall, they're karma houdinis as they didn't get punished for their bad behavior.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Much like all of The Loud House characters, they all have memorable designs.
    2. To be fair, they're just kids so they don't know what their actions cause, but that still doesn't justify them.
    3. Their voice acting is passable.
    4. While not fully, they get a bit of redemption in "Lori Days" and "You Auto Know Better".


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