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    The Citizens of Citiesville (The Powerpuff Girls)

    The Citizens of Citiesville
    It's best not to hang out with them when they are strict and delusional, despite simply greeting them.
    Gender: Various
    Type: One-Dimensional and Cruel Caricaturic Citizens
    Age: Various
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Various
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The PowerPuff Girls (1998)
    First appearance: Town and Out (Only appearance)

    The Citizens of Citiesville are characters who only appear in The PowerPuff Girls episode "Town and Out".

    Why They Intentionally Need Therapists

    1. They only come off as cruel and one-dimensional to the PowerPuff Girls and the Professor, even though the latter two are simply greeting them.
    2. Their designs are ugly, due to being part of the cruel Town of Citiesville, as opposed to nicer and worthy citizens of City of Townsville.
    3. Their voice acting can range from sub-par at best and even dreadful at worst.
    4. What they did is mock or glare at nicer people, especially girls just because the latter is greeting them, showing that they did not take criticisms of their heinous actions.
    5. At one point, when the Professor happily yells "I LOVE THIS TOWN!", one of the citizens says, "Oh, shut up, you jerk!". Talk about cruelty.
    6. The worst characters in Citiesville are the mayor of Citiesville, police, and teacher:
      • The mayor, while tolerable at first, tells the girls to ban superpowers because they did something destructive, although justifiable since they wanted to stop the criminals.
      • The police officers are cruel to the girls because of the Mayor's consequence for them because of destroying the bridge, such as banning their flying powers.
      • The teacher, even though he appeared in one scene, just glares at the girls to just simply focus on school instead of letting them help to help save the town, which is cruel to them.
    7. Instead of not taking criticism, they should have at least said sorry for what they did before in this episode but failed.
    8. Because of how they are treated, they are pointless, especially in "Town and Out", which said episode should have been banned for being a torture episode for the girls and the Professor.
    9. They can also make the Incidentals from SpongeBob SquarePants look like saints in comparison.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. The reason why they are cruel to the girls is because Citiesville is the cruel opposite of the nicer City of Townsville, thus making this situation justifiable.
      • Since it is understandable as to why the citizens are rude to the Girls, they are supposed to be hated by fans for their personalities.


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