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    The Brothers Pistov
    "I KILL YOU!" - Anton's overused line.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Stereotypical Russian Dogs
    Species: Bulldog (Anton)
    Mixed-Breed Dog (Gregor)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Brothers Pistov (Sunday Pants)

    The Brothers Pistov (simply known as Anton and Gregor) are the two titular main characters from the mini-series with the same name from Cartoon Network's short-lived Sunday Pants, created by Lincoln Peirce of Big Nate fame.

    Why They're Pistov


    1. First and foremost, they're basically nothing more than Russian stereotypes.
    2. Their designs are unappealing to look at. Anton looks like a poor man's version of Freddy Fazbear (which makes him look more like a bear rather than a dog) while Gregor looks like as if the designer is trying to make his design to replicate Lazlo from Camp Lazlo. The most notable issue being their box-shaped muzzles.
    3. Similar to Artur Pashkov from Big Nate, and it's a bit hard to make out what they're meant to be saying due to their racist-sounding accents.
    4. They have no remorse for each other whatsoever, which is frustrating considering Anton and Gregor are, you know... BROTHERS.


    1. He has extreme anger issues whenever something doesn't get his way.
    2. He is shown to be ableist, after Gregor stated that the child they came across is just a helpless baby, who can't do anything, and Anton acknowledges and thinks it's easy to kill him.
    3. He is shown to be way too obsessed with his squeaky toy, calling him "Chumsky", which makes him really immature.
      • He tried to cut the baby open to get his toy back with a chainsaw (albeit thankfully, Gregor hit him with a shovel). It would have been REALLY BRUTAL for a kids cartoon if Anton actually did it!
    4. He called the baby "pink puppy" when he first saw him, which sounds really racist.
    5. When he catches a cat watching him urinate at a tree, he flat-out threatens to kill him.
    6. When Gregor picked up book, Anton threates to shove a book up his butt.


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