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    The Brat Pack (Ice Age)
    They're not called The Brat Pack for nothing.
    Gender: Males (Ethan and his unnamed buddy)
    Females (Steffie, Meghan, and Katie)
    Type: Pointless mean popular group.
    Age: Teenagers
    Species: Mammoths
    Portrayed by: Drake (Ethan)
    Nicki Minaj (Steffie)
    Heather Morris (Katie)
    Ally Romano (Meghan)
    Jason Fricchione (Ethan's Buddy)
    Status: Unknown (Probably Alive)
    Media of origin: Ice Age: Continental Drift

    The Brat Pack are a group of popular teenage mammoths that appear in Ice Age: Continental Drift, the group is led by Ethan followed by Steffie, Meghan, Katie, and an unnamed male mammoth.

    Ethan was voiced by Drake, Steffie by Nicki Minaj, Meghan by Ally Romano, Katie by Heather Morris and Ethan's unnamed buddy by Jason Fricchione.

    Why They Are The Brat Pack (In A Bad Way)

    1. To start with the most obvious, they are a stereotypical mean popular group in a mammoth version since they bully others who are not like them.
    2. Speaking of which, they bully Peaches for her "half-opposum", especially the girls, and they treated Louis like an outcast loser.
    3. They were too arrogant since they only cared about their popularity and looking perfect, that was more noticeable in the girls in the group.
    4. Steffie is the worst of the group, being the one who bullied Peaches the most, and inciting Katie and Meghan to do the same making her the Alpha bitch of the group.
    5. They even wanted to separate Peaches from Louis just because he wasn't a mammoth.
    6. They make Peaches' subplot more cliched than it already was because Julian, who was introduced in collision course ends up with Peaches, who is not in this movie.
    7. They have no purpose other than to antagonize Peaches and Louis.

    Cool Qualities

    1. Even if he bullied Peaches, Ethan is the only likeable member of the group since he regretted bullying her and cared for Louis in the climax.
    2. They redeem themselves in the final battle by showing respect to Louis for confronting Gutt's crew and accept him and Peaches into their group.
    3. At least they were scolded by Manny when he saw them, although it was Peaches who got the worst of it.
    4. Their voice actors did a good job portraying them.
    5. At least they have good designs for cool teenage mammoths.


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