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    The Angry Birds (Toons, season 3)

    The Angry Birds (Toons, season 3)
    The birds.jpg
    This flanderization will make the birds very angry.
    Gender: Male (Red, Chuck, Bomb & The Blues)
    Female (Matilda)
    Type: The more unbearable side of the Angry Birds
    Species: Bird
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds Toons

    The Angry Birds (Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda) are the titular main protagonists from the franchise of the same name. They are a group of 5 (or 7 if you count the Blues as 3) birds that made their initial debut in the videogame Angry Birds Classic and became popular and re-appeared in more installments of the series.

    They also appeared in Angry Birds Toons, Rovio's first show, where they are likable. But sadly in season 3, they have been badly flanderized to the point of being unlikable.

    Angry Qualities

    NOTE: This page only refers to The Angry Birds as depicted in season 3 of Angry Birds Toons, as the characters in general are likable.

    1. First and foremost, they all have suffered a horrible case of flanderization, each in their own way:
      1. Red became an overprotective Gary Stu bully and a flat-out sadistic jerk that likes beating the innocent pigs for fun. He's also racist towards the latters and is a jerk to them for no real reason.
      2. Chuck became an annoying idiotic jerk who cares more about looking cool rather than protecting the birds' eggs and steals most of the screentime from everyone else.
      3. Bomb, while the least flanderized and most tolerable, became a boring loon who has no personality and also eats ice cream for legitimately no reason whatsoever.
      4. The Blues became annoying troublemaking brats that like to beat up the pigs for fun, similar to Red. That also makes them similar to their Bad Piggies incarnation.
      5. Matilda became an OCD overprotective Neat Freak that just wants everything to go her way, making her spoiled as well.
    2. They constantly even bully themselves for no reason, for example in the episode "Photochucked" Chuck acts like a jerk to Matilda and also photobombed all her pictures. He even never got any comeuppance whatsoever, making him a Karma Houdini. Adding insult to injury, that also made Chuck become poorly written.
    3. Most of the birds don't get that much screen time, with Chuck always stealing the show and hogging the spotlight.
    4. There are a couple of moments where the birds can be Butt-Monkeys. For example, in "Bad Hair Day", Chuck randomly becomes an elder and the Blues make fun of him which is just straight-up mean-spirited.
    5. While they look good in the show, there have been instances where the Birds had ugly designs, such as Chuck takes in "Bad Hair Day" as well as Red, Matilda and The Blues in "Golditrotters".
    6. Their singing (as shown in "Didgeridork") is annoying, as a matter of fact, it can come to the point where you'll want to rip off your ears rather than listen to it another second. It also doesn't help that they do it multiple times throughout the episode.
    7. There are some moments where they can be destructive as well, in the episode "Happy Hippy" Red starts destroying Matilda's flowers just because he's angry, and also, he even starts drooling from his mouth which makes it look like he's gone crazy (not unlike Girlfriend from Fera Animations) and in the episode "Mind the Horse", Chuck and Bomb start destroying Pig City while they are chasing the Pigs. True, they had reasons to do this, but still.
    8. They are also prone to overreacting, as shown in one scene in "Spaced Out" where Chuck screams when he sees a firefly and another time, he screams after seeing fire in the sky. Also, when those happened, spikes started sticking out of his body, which looks like he's a porcupine.

    Calm Qualities

    1. They were better in the first two seasons of the show and they are still likable in the games and movies.
    2. They have some funny moments.
    3. Their voices are still good.
    4. At least Bubbles and Terence (as well as the absent birds like Hal, Silver, Ice Bird, Tony, Melody, and Stella and her flock) weren't flanderized, so they're still likable.
    5. There are times where they get their comeuppance, like when Chuck and Bomb were arrested in "Mind the Horse" for destruction all over Pig City.
      • While on topic, the entirety of Photochucked could be considered Matilda's comeuppance for her behavior in "Eating Out".


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