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    The-Onceler's Family (The Lorax, 2012)

    The-Onceler's Family
    Thought that The-Onceler was bad? His family is much worse! Sounds familiar?
    Gender: Female (The-Onceler's Mom, Aunt Grizelda), Male (Uncle Ubb, Bret and Chet)
    Type: Manipulative Family
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Nasim Pedrad (Onceler's Mom)
    Stephen Tobolowsky (Uncle Ubb)
    Elmarie Wendel (Aunt Grizelda)
    Danny Cooksey (Bret and Chet)
    Status: Possibly Deceased (Except Bret and Chet)
    Media of origin: The Lorax (2012)

    The-Onceler's Family appear in the Lorax to assist in mass-producing Thneeds. While in the film they are human, in the book and TV special, there are the same greenish humanoids as The-Onceler himself. While his family relationship wasn't shown in the book, in the movie his family is shown to have little confidence in him. It only changes when he starts to make money. Despite how they treated him, Onceler is still very loyal to them and defends them. They are the ones who raised him, and it appears to be part of the reason for Onceler's negative personality traits.

    Why They're Intentionally A Bad Family

    1. They manipulate The-Onceler into chopping down all the Trufulla Trees and are probably the reason why they turned The-Onceler into a corrupt businessman.
    2. They also like to abuse the animals, such as in one scene where Bret and Chet toss a Barbaloot around like a football.
    3. Their designs are mediocre and lackluster, especially Aunt Grizelda's.
    4. During the "How Bad Can I Be" song, Aunt Grizelda is seen shaking her bottom with a golden money sign on it, this could qualify as fan disservice.
    5. The-Onceler's mother likes to play favorites with her choosing Bret and/or Chet over The-Onceler.
    6. They have spawned plenty of unfunny internet memes, such as for not appearing that much.
    7. They are also Karma Houdinis since they don't get punished for manipulating The-Onceler into chopping down all the trees and get off scott free.
    8. Bret and Chet like to pick on and bully The-Onceler.
    9. The-Onceler's Mom and Aunt Grizelda are Mary Sues while Uncle Ubb and Bret and Chet are Gary Stus.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. To be fair, they were probably made to be unlikable in the first place.
    2. Their voices aren't too bad.
    3. They were never seen again throughout the rest of the film after The-Onceler's flashback ended.


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