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Gender: Male
Type: Whiny and Annoying Monster Student
Species: Vampire
Portrayed by: Matthew Underwood (movie)
Carter Jackson (Season 1)
Matthew Géczy (Season 2)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Casper's Scare School

Thatch is a school bully and an antagonist from the French-American animated series Casper's Scare School who is a vampire, mainly an antagonist in the film. He says he is and seems to be popular, but a jerk instead, as he is conniving, selfish, and means. He is always looking for things to exploit and use his advantage to him. His gang usually includes Slither, Dummy Girl, Mosshead, and Harpy.

Bad Qualities

  1. He's a very rude bully and troublemaker, and he's always trying to get Casper and his friends into trouble, and failing in the end.
  2. Unlike other cartoon bullies like Angelica Pickles, Nelson Muntz, Manetti or Butch Pakovski, who have a good side and who occasionally get along with their bullying targets, Thatch doesn't have a good side and he is always mistreating all the students, even his own friends, whom he treats more like subordinates.
  3. His design is ugly and weird, particularly the reddish although that's a feature of most other characters.
  4. His design of it also seems to have gotten worse in the TV series after the movie.
  5. In Season 2, he is much more goofy and mean-spirited than ever before. His voice in this Season also took a major step down due to the cast change, and it sounds more whiny and annoying than in Season 1.

Good Qualities

  1. His design in the movie was more decent compared to the series, although it was still weird because of the reddish eyes.
  2. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, he teams up with Casper and his friends and helps them.
  3. Despite treating even his own friends like crap, he does care for them, as seen in "The Day The Professor Croaked" where he is worried that Mosshead has joined Casper's group.
  4. He always gets karma in every episode whenever he tries to play bad for Casper.
  5. His voice by Matthew Underwood in the movie and Carter Jackson in Season 1 was decent, as it wasn't whiny and was more tolerable than in the following Season.


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