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    Terrence McBird (The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss)

    Terrence Mcbird
    This bird is absurd and a terd, and not being annoyed (while it is your opinion) is unheard.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying Bird
    Age: Adult
    Portrayed by: Anthony Asbury
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Wubbulous World Of Dr Seuss

    Terrence McBird appeared in the second season of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. A friend of The Cat in the Hat, Terrence frequently complained and griped about disliking things. Sam-I-Am often joined the Cat in persuading Terrence to try something new.

    In the "Ask the Cat" promo segments, he'd ask the kids, "What would you like to ask The Cat in the Hat?"

    Why This Bird is a Terd

    1. For starters, he was a pointless addition to the second season of the show.
    2. He is supposed to be an adult, as evidenced by his green necktie, yet he's very immature; he somehow even refuses to do things he should've already known how to do at his age, like drawing, planting a flower, playing an instrument, cleaning house, etc.
    3. He is such a coward, in fact, that in one episode he thinks he caught Little Cat Z's cold and pretends to be sick.
    4. He's pretty creepy when he has his eyes wide open, much like Yertle the Turtle.
    5. He is at his worst in some episodes, like "A Bird's Best Friend", in which he refuses to share his Hooble Ball with the Cat in the Hat.
    6. When he says that his picture "is missing something" in "The Cat in the Hat's Art House", Pam-I-Am is called upon. After a musical number, Terrence receives a box of crayons from her.
      • It makes you wonder how Terrence didn't realize that he needed to color his own picture for the Cat in the Hat or why the Little Cats didn't share their crayons with him.
    7. Several Goofs: Such as when he has his eyes wide open, his eyelashes are missing.
    8. He can be pretty annoying at times, especially in his first appearance when he shouts, "I'm tired SQUAWK!!!! And I Squawk when I'm tired! SQUAWK!!!!"
    9. His voice, while mostly good, can sound mediocre when he's complaining.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. To some people, his design may be cute.
    2. Anthony Asbury does a good job voicing him.
    3. He was likeable in:
      • "The Cat In The Hat Cleans Up His Act" - He wanted the Cat to clean the house to help him find his bow tie.
      • "Lester Leaps In" - He had a justified reason to act the way he did; his brother had always treated him as an inferior.


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