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    Terence and Teresa (Bubsy)

    Terence and Teresa (Bubsy)
    If you thought one Bubsy was bad, what about these two?
    Gender: Male (Terence)
    Female (Teresa)
    Type: Bratty Troublemakers
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Bobcat (both of them)
    Portrayed by: Tress MacNeille (Terence)
    B.J. Ward (Teresa)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bubsy

    Terence "Terry" Bobcat and Teresa "Terri" Bobcat are Bubsy's twin niece and nephew from the infamous Bubsy pilot. They would make other appearances in the Bubsy comic book for Bubsy 2 and have made a brief cameo in that game as well. They were both voiced by Tress MacNeille and B.J. Ward respectively.

    Why They Don't Deserve to Have a Birthday Party

    1. They have no real personality outside of being mischievous, rebellious, sadistic, and bratty jerks.
    2. Their designs are hideous, compared to the other character designs in the pilot.
      • Teresa has makeup despite being way too young.
    3. Their voices are so annoying and nasally, they are arguably even more grating than Bubsy's voice. The worst offenders of their voices are when they're yelling, crying, and squealing.
    4. Despite being the "protagonists", they act like bullies since they typically love mistreating Arnold the Armadillo (someone who didn't do anything wrong) for their sadistic enjoyment; once they are first introduced as troublemaking rebels who slam through the door once Bubsy is getting the door, several examples of their torture aimed at Arnold includes dunking him in a basketball hoop, pulling his arms like it's a tug of war and using him as a bowling ball.
    5. Despite being "mischievous" and a duo of pranksters, they come across as sadistic and unruly. For all of the chaos and havoc they have caused around them, they don't get any comeuppance for their reckless actions (At least Bubsy got mocked for his dumb catchphrase and was pummeled on several occasions!) This throws them into the Karma Houdini trope.
      • Also, although the "villains" nearly posed a threat to them, the tension from their situation would've made them somewhat rootable. But since everyone in the episode is poorly written, they escape Boz's attempts to cook them and go unscathed (especially when they practically tortured the villains for 7 minutes with the roller coaster Terence brought to life with the helmet and pushed Bozwell in the cooking pot by tricking Bozwell into being pushed into it).
      • Not to mention that they also got Bubsy, Arnold, Boz, and Sid flying off a roller coaster without seatbelts (sending all of them falling to their deaths essentially), and they both said "they should've worn their seatbelts" even though the two didn't give them any time to do so, and they both laugh off the fact they sent four people falling from tall heights. Then they accidentally stepped on Bubsy and Arnold once they got giant, all of which counts as "attempted murder".
      • To make matters worse here, despite Terence and Teresa pointing out that he "stepped on something squishy" and wished to be normal-sized for Bubsy and Arnold to climb out, they still downplay Bubsy's anger at them for their havoc (especially for stepping on Bubsy), and they make the excuse of "we were just having fun and if that's a crime then book us", this infuriates Bubsy since they did commit crimes in the episode, such as malefic, torture, abuse of power, and again, several attempted murders. Once Bubsy had scolded them for nearly imploding the world with the VR helmet in the hands of Boz, Sid, or Ally, they then guilt-trip Bubsy by saying "It was our birthday" and begin wailing and tearing up in front of Bubsy.
    6. Considering that all the havoc they caused in the whole pilot, was solely because it was their birthday, this makes them out to be self-centered and potentially deadly with their shenanigans instead of it being harmless mischief. This wouldn't be too bad if not for the fact that their antics are very mean-spirited, reckless, and cruel, far too much to make them "likable" in any way.
    7. Once they sneaked outside with the helmet Bubsy placed on Terence's head, they even argue with each other over the stinkin' helmet Virgil Reality created after summoning a pony and a jet ski yacht, which was a moment when their voices get more irritating to listen to, as mentioned in WTS #3.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite what WTD'tDTHABP#3 says, their talented voice actors, Tress MacNeille and B.J. Ward, did do their best with what roles they were given as "child characters".
    2. Bubsy himself scolded them for their obnoxious behavior, and Arnold did say to their face that they should be put in jail.


    • Terence and Teresa, along with Arnold and Virgil, were featured in Bubsy: Paws on Fire!.


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