Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!)

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Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!)
What on earth has happened to you, Teen Titans?
Gender: Male, Female
Type: Husks of the Teen Titans’ former selves, Immature Jerks
Age: 16 to 19
Species: Human
Half-Human, Half-Robot
Shapeshifter Animal
Portrayed by: Scott Menville
Hynden Walch
Tara Strong
Khary Payton
Greg Cipes
Status: Active
Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!

The Teen Titans are the titular main protagonists of the critical acclaimed 2003 TV show, Teen Titans and the critically-panned Teen Titans Go!.

Sadly, they were flanderized and reimagined so badly in the 2013 incarnation and had ruined the original Teen Titans from their self-titled 2003 tv show.

Why They Need To GO! Away Now

  1. They suffer from flanderization, going from a selfless and serious group of heroes who care about protecting Jump City to immature, selfish, immoral, and sadistic jerks who cause chaos and destruction for fun. They never act their ages despite being teenagers, and they've also become outright annoying, troublesome, and obnoxious.
    • To make matters worse, they have barely received any character development throughout the series. On the rare occasion they do, their development is quickly undone.
    • Robin is the worst offender; he has gone from a serious, intelligent, skilled, and kind leader to a psychotic, immature, mentally unstable, controlling, and abusive jerk who takes his love for Starfire to extremes and is hated by the whole group.
    • Starfire has gone from a kind-hearted, selfless, and beautiful alien girlfriend of Robin to a crazy, loud, annoying, immature, angry, and aggressive psychopath who constantly reuses the word "the".
    • Raven (despite being the most likable) has gone from being a cynical but caring, selfless, dark, and mature girl who cares about her teammates to a hypocritical, short-tempered, and evil demon who is extremely ruthless to anyone.
    • Cyborg has gone from an intelligent, nice, mature, and serious half-man, half-robot to an annoying, immature, jerkish, and idiotic slacker who cares less about saving the world and more about doing what he wants.
    • Beast Boy has gone from a fun-loving, immature (though sometimes mature when the time calls for it), light-hearted prankster to a selfish, lazy, dumb, and completely immature slacker who is prone to disgusting habits.
  2. They are always shown as "heroes" when most of the time, they are shown antagonizing the villains, even when they didn't do anything wrong to begin with.
  3. Their designs from the original show changed in this show and they're kinda bad but too cartoonish.
    • Speaking of which, they even look more like fifth-grader kids instead of teenagers.
  4. They are barely seen fighting crime and the show focuses more on their daily lives.
  5. Almost every episode has the Titans being immature, jerkish, and unsympathetic and never learning from their mistakes and just continuing doing the same thing in the next episode.
  6. They are supposed to be between the ages of 16-19 years old, but they have the mentality of toddlers. This is widely reflected in episodes such as "Boys VS Girls" for example, where Robin believes in "cooties" as the only reason why boys are better than girls, which is a mindset which normal kids in real life would've moved out from of between ages 6-8 and no teen would act as.
    • In fact, the Titans' mentalities are so immature like toddlers to the point that not only does The Mysterious Mr. Enter unofficially refers to them as "Toddler Titans" in his Teen Titans Go! episode reviews, yet there's even one episode of Teen Titans Go! poking fun at this Titans' portrayal called "Toddler Titans…Yay!" where Control Freak ages down the Titans into toddlers and retooled their lives into a preschool show due to Control Freak finding the Titans' sense of humor to be too juvenile for their time-slot.
  7. They are often unnecessarily loud.
  8. A lot of their gags and jokes are extremely low-brow, flat, stale, idiotic, gross, irritating, and completely unfunny. Examples:
    • Beast Boy dancing in his underwear.
    • Robin doing the "Scooty Booty" (which is actually twerking, it was called this in likely an attempt to sugarcoat it to prevent parental suspicion)
    • Cyborg and Beast Boy's infamous "Waffles" song.
  9. Most of their dialogue are incredibly stupid and laughable.
  10. They even receive no repercussions for their jerkish behavior and get off scot-free. That's making them Karma Houdinis.
  11. They are even sadistic to each other, such as beating each other up and being straight-up abusive with no remorse whatsoever. A good example of this portrayal is in the episode "Batman VS Teen Titans: Dark Injustice" where the Titans (except for Raven) seem to take pleasure with their cruel and violent April Fools' pranks on each other way too far. Another example is "BBSFBDAY!" where Beast Boy acts like a complete jerk to Starfire and even going far as to hurt her using his T-Rex tail.
  12. They are also seen doing disgusting things such as twerking and other nasty stuff and yet "the show's for kids".
    • They have also gone as far as abusing an innocent little baby in the episode, “Bucket List”.
    • In earlier episodes, Starfire is shown feeding Silkie in the same manner as a mother bird feeding her young, by regurgitating partially digested food in Silkie’s mouth and “bathing” Silkie the same way a mother cat cleans her kittens, by licking him. It’s disgusting to watch; thankfully, these mannerisms were retired in later episodes.
  13. They clearly cannot handle criticism, going so far as to deliberately insult and badmouth the critics, fans, and viewers who hate them and their show many times in numerous episodes such as "Let's Get Serious", "The Fourth Wall", and most notoriously "The Return of Slade".
  14. While the voice actors did reprise their roles as their respective characters, their voice acting can come across as annoying as they would scream and shout a majority of their lines.
  15. Although they were tolerable in the first six episodes, they went downhill in many other later episodes for reasons above.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They still care about each other.
  2. They are a bit more powerful than the original series.
  3. In some episodes, they care about saving the world.
  4. Raven is the only Titan that is likable, despite her Flanderization, and she’s the most tolerable of the team.
    • Cyborg is sometimes a bit more tolerable and well-behaved than the rest of the team.
  5. They sometimes do receive comeuppances for their actions such as "In and Out", and "A Farce".
  6. While the designs made them look like little kids, their designs based on the original characters are nice to look at and are somewhat accurate.
  7. At least they admit that the original Titans were better than them, as stated in the episodes “The Cape” and "The Fourth Wall".
  8. Their voices are decent for the most part, as all of their original voice actors reprise their roles as them.
  9. Like mentioned before, they were tolerable in the first six episodes, and can be tolerable in some later episodes.


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