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    Teela (Masters of the Universe: Revelation)

    Teela (Masters of the Universe: Revelation)
    No. Everyone in this room that I've trusted and cared for are nothing more than selfish liars! He-Man is gone. Skeletor is gone. And now... so am I.
    All this just for one secret...
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Teela
    Age: 30s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    Teela is the main protagonist of the controversial Masters of the Universe: Revelation. She is the Captain of the Royal Guard at the palace of Eternos and thus responsible for training and protecting Prince Adam of Eternia.

    After the release of Revelation, this incarnation of Teela has been hated by audiences as well as fans of the character from the original.

    Why She Doesn't Deserve to Know Secrets Anymore

    1. Starting right off, Teela is horribly portrayed as a selfish person who was more concerned about her own feelings alone, mostly complains that Adam has been lying by keeping the fact that he was He-Man in secret (which wasn't her concern to begin with).
      1. First things first, how is Adam hiding the secret that he was He-Man a lie to her? Teela should've known better that keeping secrets and lying can sometimes mean two different things.
        • There is a reason why Adam chose to remain hidden with his identity as He-Man, so in a way that no bad people can harm anyone he's close with.
      2. Second, Teela threw a meltdown shortly after she knew Adam was He-Man, and called out the entirety of Eternia for being a pack of liars? Adam's father King Randor never knew about his son's identity being He-Man until the aftermath of his death, so there was no reason for her to act all pissy about it.
      3. Third, Teela chose to run away from her problems to pursue for truth away from magic rather than just accepting things for what they are. Meaning Teela cared more about how her best friend was secretive of being He-Man and not about the sacrifice he made.
      4. And fourth, majority of the first half's run is just Teela getting pissed off for the pettiest of reasons.
    2. Her design in the time skip is pretty bad. A stereotypical muscular woman with a buzz cut. Looking like Abby from The Last of Us Part II, which the latter's design was already heavily panned by players.
    3. Ever since Adam/He-Man died, she often acts like an immature spoiled brat rather than a grown adult throughout the show's entire run. Often moping and complaining on about how magic lied to her. Which makes Adam right about being secretive on being He-Man, since Teela couldn't even be trusted with secrets.
    4. Teela is basically mh:greatcharacters:Komi Shouko from Komi Can't Communicate if you were to strip all the positive traits that made the latter likable. Unlike Komi (who still struggle when speaking to other people, and wants to be treated as a normal student than a celebrity despite her massive popularity among her classmates and Komi overcoming her communication disorder which serves as a character flaw to grow as a person without being too reliant on Tadano), Teela on the other hand, with the praise she received wasn't deserved, like she keeps getting compliments, even for the horrible things she's done, and the fact she was afraid of being ordinary doesn't help improve her character in any way.
      • Aside from being unlikable, she's also a Mary Sue that often gets praised. Even during the illusion scene where she fought evil vision of He-Man, while having her evil vision of herself compliments on how she's so much more.
    5. Her dialogue are rather mediocre, as it gets childish and goofy, as opposed to a show that's meant to be for adults. Because, while Sarah Michelle Gellar still do a decent job voicing her, she is held back by the bad dialogue.
      • I'm your worst nightmare.
      • We fought many battles. A battle against any rival.
      • Both The Havoc Staff! and You're hurting her! are some of the worst lines that Sarah Michelle Greer got held back a lot.
    6. It didn't help when the show expects audiences to think what Adam/He-Man did was 100% wrong while thinking what Teela's doing is always in the right when she's an already a character that's a pain for audiences to root for:
      • Running away from her duties only paints her as a weak-minded coward fleeing away.
      • Throwing a fit about how Adam kept a secret of being He-Man and called everyone out for being a "pack of liars" in front the deceased lad's parents grieving and mourning over the loss of their only son. In other words, she's also disrespecting Adam's death.
      • Disrespecting a culture just for using magic.
      • Letting the entire universe die and Adam's death be in vain just for a single secret being hidden away.
      • Chastising the group for not helping Orko when she herself didn't even help at all.
      • Often berating to the one person who sacrificed themselves saved the entire planet. Yes, Adam's sacrifice only made the state of Eternia much worse, but Teela overreacted too much in here.
      • Never apologized to Adam even after the hurtful words she said to him.
    7. Her character development is very inconsistent and clunky, which isn't a good thing.
      • First season, she's against magic for being lied to, and then she now desperately needs magic to save Adam? Why? After badmouthing magic for an entire season?
      • Her ability to save Adam after being stabbed just only used as plot armor.
      • Her transformation as the new sorceress doesn't mean anything because she didn't do no nothing to earn it.
    8. This incarnation gives the original and the 2000s Teela a bad name.
    9. You'd think Teela would be branded as a traitor and be sent to execution for betraying the kingdom and leaving everyone to die over a secret that isn't even hers to keep, but Randor simply and gladly stated that she had every right to leave the kingdom and promoted her as the new Man-at-Arms.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The idea of Teela's characterization could work: the concept of her best friend dying without knowing what he truly was on the inside while having to finish what he started at the same time. It's just too bad that the execution of that idea turned out to be abysmal.
    2. Her designs prior to He-Man's death and the new sorceress are actually much better than the main design.
    3. While Sarah Michelle Gellar is mediocre at times due to the bad dialogue, she still did a decent job voicing her.


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