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    Tattoo Guy
    "Tentacular! I’ve got your whole life story tattooed on my body"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying and gross comic relief
    Age: Middle-Aged
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John DiMaggio
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rumble (2021)

    Tattoo Guy (real name unknown) is a minor character and "comic relief" of the 2021 Paramount+ animated film Rumble. As a hyper fan of Tentacular, he goes into an existential crisis when Tentacular leaves Stoker for Slitherpoole. He was voiced by John DiMaggio.

    Why He Looks Awful With The Tattoos On

    1. The Tattoo Guy is a very disgusting and annoying character. He is constantly seen half naked and showing off his overweight tattoo riddled body constantly while making corny jokes about them.
    2. He is an extremely immature and toxic sports fan despite likely being in his 30's/40's as he constantly threw tantrums over Tentacular and his decision to move to another city, yet the film expects viewers to feel sorry for this guy because of this. Unfortunately, this sympathy attempt fails to work.
    3. He does not receive any character development as all he does is switch from having tattoos of Tentacular to tattoos of Steve and the film tries to pass that off as development.
    4. He still acts like the same old obnoxious and disgusting self after making the tattoo transition, showing that he has not learned his lesson. Genuine character development could have been shown in him ditching tattoos altogether and instead resort to wearing t-shirts of Steve but nope he doesn't do that.
    5. He does way too much hero worship as he first does hero worship on Tentacular and then on Steve. Even after Tentacular departs for Slitherpoole, that tattoo guy gets all whiny about it and considers it a betrayal yet he does not learn the lesson that doing hero worship on people such as celebrities is a bad idea because they can become disappointing later on in life. This is shown thorough his decision to get tattoos of Steve.
    6. Wasted opportunity: The Tattoo Guy is a poster boy for the film’s false advertising as he claims to know about Tentacular's backstory by tattooing it all over his body, yet in the film itself, he never reveals it.
    7. He teaches a very awful lesson towards children that parents should be concerned about as through his behavior, he teaches that it is okay for them to go to tattoo parlors and get tattoos all over their body.
    8. He has no counterpart in the source material for the film, which is Monster On The Hill.
    9. He serves no role in the plot and only seems to exists just to be comic relief. However the way he does his role is extremely ineffective and gross. His role as comic relief could easily have been served by any of the monsters in the film including Tentacular himself.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Even though it was disgusting for him to do this, the tattoos in of themselves look cool when imagined without him wearing them.
    2. John DiMaggio does a decent job voicing him as usual.


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