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    Can this talk be protected as vandals come on this talking page to say that caillou shouldn't be on this wiki.

    339Breakingoof (talkcontribs)

    I think its a better way to prevent constant attacks on high traffic talks like these.

    Why is this closed + The page is kinda weak

    Reviweing97Shows (talkcontribs)

    I just gotta ask- why is this page closed? I checked history and this hasn't been edited months ago. Please explain this. And the other thing- the page needs to be lengthed. I'm not saying it's a bad page, but it's very short. Please explain and I'll be happy.

    ShawnTehLogoBoi (talkcontribs)

    They closed it for unknown reasons. And in addition to the page being expanded, the categories should also be decapitalized.

    Reviweing97Shows (talkcontribs)

    Yeah. I actually am waiting so I can add a separation since Seasons 1-3, Seasons 4-5, and New Adventures have diffrent variations of bad.

    ShawnTehLogoBoi (talkcontribs)

    A separation? Of course! So the separation is gonna be like this: the Seasons 1-3 version of this Caillou is terrible, the Seasons 4 & 5 version of him is average, and the Caillou's New Adventures version of Caillou goes back to terrible.

    Money12123 (talkcontribs)

    If you mean create a new page, you don't need to create a new page. Just change the headers to "Bad Qualities" and "Good Qualities", add three mini-sections in the "Bad Qualities" and "Good Qualities" sections ("Overall", "Why He Sucks in seasons 1-3 and Caillou's New Adventures" and "Seasons 4 and 5"), and put the qualities in the right sections.

    ShawnTehLogoBoi (talkcontribs)

    You know what? I'll agree with you, FatBurn. We don't need to separate the page, but instead add three mini sections and have Caillou's page be in the "Average characters" category.

    Reviweing97Shows (talkcontribs)

    That's what i meant to do.

    The Super MarioBobFan Bros. Movie (talkcontribs)

    I agree the page's protection needs to be taken away since it is never a good idea to have pages protected for administrators only indefinitely.

    Suppai (talkcontribs)

    You think the page needs to be lengthened? It seems to be long enough when compared to many pages on the Great/Incredible Characters Wiki. (Not saying he should be there, but I feel that too many pages there are too short)

    Yet I wouldn’t be against there being more than one page of Caillou on this wiki, as long as his character has changed enough and would be criticized for different reasons.

    ShawnTehLogoBoi (talkcontribs)

    I sure hope so.

    The Good Qualities and Bad Qualities are tied.

    Summary last edited by 339Breakingoof 13:27, 11 April 2024 7 days ago

    This talk should be protected with alto confirmed users only.

    Just Leon (talkcontribs)

    I don’t understand this. How are the good qualities and bad qualities tied?

    Matthew The Guy (talkcontribs)

    They're not tied at this moment.

    Inkster (talkcontribs)

    That's because I merged one of the GQs with another.

    Can we at least move the CGI reboot Caillou to Incredible Characters Wiki?

    Summary last edited by Raidarr 12:57, 11 April 2024 7 days ago

    ignore this summary

    XanManYT (talkcontribs)

    I mean, I know he's gone back to being a Gary-Stu and all, but unlike in the original series (Seasons 4-5) he has suffered a few problems he encountered and had to figure out how to solve it on his own. And he stopped throwing tantrums (which was the main issue) and has a better voice actor, despite still being loud and obnoxious at times. If not, then maybe a separate page for CGI Reboot Caillou on this wiki?

    Cutegal 430 (talkcontribs)

    Ummm, I don't know. I'm ok with seasons 4-5 of Caillou; but I don't think we should have CGI Caillou on the sister wiki.

    NostalgicABao (talkcontribs)

    At least that's a good thing, but the CGI Caillou still lacks the same charm as the original especially when Jaclyn Linetsky was voicing Caillou. It was still too bad we lost her in 2003.

    The Super MarioBobFan Bros. Movie (talkcontribs)

    We might add the CGI Caillou to the sister wiki.

    Wafflejackton (talkcontribs)


    Please unprotect the page

    Summary last edited by Raidarr 12:56, 11 April 2024 7 days ago

    ignore this summary

    Pear078 (talkcontribs)

    i want to add custom pointers on the page

    Money12123 (talkcontribs)

    Custom headers aren't allowed (unfortunately).

    Suppai (talkcontribs)

    I see custom headers still being used on many pages and I think they should be allowed. Who is enforcing this rule?

    Money12123 (talkcontribs)

    I agree that they should be allowed, but for now, they are forbidden. If you see them on this wiki or its sister wiki, remove them.

    Suppai (talkcontribs)

    There are pages I want to be removed, but I won't bother to undo custom headers.

    WHS #7 makes literally no sense at all

    That One Stickman (talkcontribs)

    How does his grey shirt make him more annoying?

    Matthew The Guy (talkcontribs)

    I guess they meant more in the sense that his behavior is somehow worse in the episodes where he is designed to wear a grey shirt.

    Trashanimal (talkcontribs)

    I still don't find that good enough reasoning

    Why I removed the reason about him making people not wanna have children

    Summary by Trashanimal

    Nah. Don't add it here anywhere.

    Trashanimal (talkcontribs)

    It sounds way too biased and unnecessary. Just so you understand. Also should this page be protected? It should imo to prevent bias.

    CarlFilip19 (talkcontribs)

    Maybe you could have moved that reason to Trivia. I did something like that twice.

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