Taka and Sumi (Castlevania 2017 Netflix series)

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Taka and Sumi (Castlevania 2017 Netflix series)
Taka and Sumi.jpeg
Not even the best video game adaptation is safe from bad characters.
Gender: Male (Taka)
Female (Sumi)
Type: Cruel Vampire Hunter Duo
Species: Humans
Portrayed by: Taka:
Toru Uchikado (English)
Shuntaro Karato (Japanese)
Rila Fukushima (English)
Kanako Miyamoto (Japanese)
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Castlevania (2017)

Taka: Everybody lies to us. Everybody hides thing from us.
Sumi: We have been lied to and cheated across half the world. Do you expect us to believe you're different?!

- The duo talking to Alucard in "Abandon All Hope"

Taka and Sumi are characters in the Castlevania animated series. They are a duo of vampire hunters and huntresses from Japan and former slaves of the vampire mistress, Chō. They seek the help of Alucard to learn how to kill vampires. They were voiced by Toru Uchikado and Rila Fukushima, respectively, in the English version of the show.

Why They Are A Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets

  1. They are, without a doubt, the most unlikable and poorly written characters in the show.
  2. They use Alucard to learn how to kill vampires, and then they try to kill him afterward.
  3. They are hypocrites, as they claim to Alucard they don’t want to kill him, but then try to do so a few episodes later.
  4. They are also impatient, not wanting to wait to learn all the secrets Alucard is hiding from them.
  5. They allied with Alucard only to betray him a few episodes later and try to kill him.
  6. They steal Alucard’s holdings for themselves, showing that they are thieves.
  7. They are also power-hungry in a desperate way, seeing as they wanted to build their own empire, but needed personal power in order to do so, which explains why they're still trying to learn Dracula’s Castle’s teleportation magic.
  8. They trap Alucard by raping him to let his guard down, and then they chain him up, which was very cruel.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like the other characters in the show, their character designs and models are gorgeous, expressive, and expertly crafted. This is especially true as they are two of the few characters in the show to be seen naked, along with Alucard, Hector, Lenore, and the Rebis, and when naked, they are admittedly pretty hot and sexy. Just don’t let their attractiveness fool you.
  2. Their voice actors are excellent, like their Japanese actors: Shuntaro Karato and Kanako Miyamoto, respectively; and English actors: Toru Uchikado and Rila Fukushima, respectively; all voice the duo fantastically.
  3. They at least care for each other, seeing as they grew up together and are always working together.
  4. They are very skilled vampire hunters to say the least, but thankfully not the best, as Alucard later overcame them.
  5. We can actually sympathize with them for their rough lives, as they grew up as Chō's slaves, which explains why they don’t really trust vampires, and they were betrayed themselves by many people before meeting Alucard, which explains why they would think Alucard would betray them too, even if it doesn’t excuse their actions.
  6. They do kill Chō's soldiers and free her other slaves that were still alive, taking a part on helping slay Chō once and for all, meaning they initially had good intentions.
  7. Fortunately, when they do try to kill Alucard, they both get their comeuppance when he kills them both, meaning they can never harm any innocent vampires ever again.


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