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Gender: Male
Type: Extremely Bland Character
Species: TV
Portrayed by: TTS voices
Michael Huang
Kenzie Bryant
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Battle for Dream Island

TV is a supporting character in the Battle For Dream Island series, he is a TV who competes on A Better Name Than That and competes on Are You Okay in TPOT.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite being one of the contestants, he barely gets any screentime and is also one of the most one-note characters in object show history, in fact, he is so bland, forgettable, pointless, and generally silent, he makes Brimmy from South Park look like a character with much more personality in comparison.
  2. In BFDI, TV dreams to win Dream Island. However, after realizing he only got 13 votes, which isn't enough to join, he shows an Announcer being crushed on his screen, indicating that TV is angry at him. this proves he can't handle not getting enough votes to be on the show.
  3. He can be rather rude at times, such as when he told Robot Flower not to talk, he also sided with Robot Flower when she closed the signal in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want".
  4. Him screaming CAKE AT STAKE! while funny, is also really annoying and grating.
  5. He has the least amount of personality out of all the BFDI characters until "Return of the Rocket Ship" in where he uses clips from previous BFDI-BFB episodes to make full sentences instead of speaking.

Good Qualities

  1. Him screaming CAKE AT STAKE! is admittingly funny despite what BQ#4 said.
  2. His design is pretty good.
  3. You can't really blame him for being bland and one-dimensional, this is especially true to the fact that two irremeably obnoxious characters often take away the spotlight from all the other characters.


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