Susan Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

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Susan Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
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"Because it's our choices that makes us who we are..." Well, you just backfired on yourself.
Gender: Female
Type: The Clueless Mother

The Karen

Age: 40
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Susan Heffley is Greg, Rodrick, and Manny's mother. She is also a major character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise.

Bad Qualities

  1. In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Susan is shown to be a generic overprotective mother who is mostly against modern technology.
  2. She constantly embarrasses Greg as shown in most of the books.
  3. She lets Manny get away with everything like drawing on Greg's wall, not punishing Manny at all, and letting him get away with almost killing the entire Heffley family in Cabin Fever.
  4. She is the reason the Heffley's are on disastrous vacations in The Long Haul, The Getaway, and The Deep End are vacations that caused Frank to lose his boat, the family getting hated at a luxurious place, and almost causing Greg to get in trouble with the camp director.
  5. In The Long Haul book, she lets Manny keep the pig even though she should have known that pigs cause lots of problems.
  6. Most mothers want their children to look cool and be handsome, but when Greg found a black leather jacket, she said he couldn't wear it and embarrassed Greg by giving him her coat. Sure, Greg's jacket was keeping him cold, but Greg was embarrassed in a coat she gave him, and all the kids in his school started gabbing about Greg.
  7. In The Long Haul movie, Susan was at her absolute worst, first of all, she was nothing like the other films. Alicia Silverstone gave a threatening performance and wasn't like Rachel Harris who gave the character a sweet performance.
  8. She started dancing during Rodrick's concert, which embarrassed him all over the entire internet.
  9. She gave Greg the advice to make the right choice, and then giving him stupid advice to ruin his reputation.
  10. In Dog Days, she tries to make a reading club for Greg and the rest of the neighborhood, ultimately embarrassing Greg yet again.
  11. She also never believes Rodrick or Greg. An example would be in the Rodrick Rules movie, in an animated scene, in which an obscure cat the Heffleys own named Frisky, pushed off a lamp, breaking it. As a result, Manny told Susan that "Bubby did it", causing Susan to be mad at him.
  12. She thinks Manny's imaginative friends are real (although, to be fair, she didn't want to make Manny upset by telling him his friends weren't real), and she takes it to far. For examle, when Manny broke a plate, he told Susan that Johnny Cheddar did it, and instead of punishing Manny for lying and breaking a plate, she punished Johnny.
  13. Another example of how unlikable she is in The Long Haul movie is the scene where Greg almost gets hit by a car and look at what she said Be more careful! You almost woke up Manny!. This scene shows how bad of a mother Susan is.
  14. She ruined Greg's chance of being with his crush, Holly Hills.
    • She even ruined Greg's friendship with Rowley too.
  15. Most of the time, she relies her parenting on parenting magazines as an only source of advice and discipline and also tells her how to do her job rather than teaching her kids the good lessons that they need herself, in which case, proves that Susan isn't exactly ready to be a parent..
  16. She forces people to do things based on what she and Manny like. This proves that she can't let people do exactly what they want to do and constantly over spoils Manny too much.
    • In addition to that and as mentioned in BQ#10, in Old School, she forced a petition for people to sign to go without technology for at least 48 hours/2 days by her standards.
    • While her bonding options seem like good ideas, that doesn’t mean that you force people into doing it just because you want to.
  17. In “Wrecking Ball”, she always stalls people who criticize her furniture, proving that she can't handle criticism.
  18. She even threw a paper flower away, which poor Greg made it when he was young.
  19. She is extremely impatient. For examples, when on vacation trips, she always takes pictures of random people and puts them in her family’s photo album, which proves that she hate standing for a long time.
  20. In “Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure”, Rowley cried because Greg didn't find Rowley's tap-dancing good and instead of just talking to him on what is an opinion, she took his side, proving that when it comes to spoiled brats who can't take critcism, she always takes their side.
  21. She killed Greg's pet fish, due to her putting Rodrick's fish in the same bowl as Greg's because she thought Greg's bowl was cleaner.
  22. In the Third Wheel, instead of sharing a crib with Rodrick, she forced Greg (when he was a baby) to sleep on the top drawer, which is a large safety hazard for Greg in which case could've killed him.
    • Another example of when something very dangerous happened to Greg was when she put a bar of soap in Greg's mouth because he learned a swear word from Rodrick.

Good Qualities

  1. These can be mostly blamed on Gramma Heffley, Susan's mom, as she was responsible for Susan being a horrible parent
    • Her mother seems to have no respect at all and to rub salt to the wound, she shows favoritism towards the family's pet dog Sweetie.
  2. She is a caring mother.
  3. In the first 3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, her character is much more relatable and likable.
  4. She helps her children at times.
  5. Although she rarely grounds Manny for his bratiness, Susan has shown sometimes that she is willing to correct or reprimand Manny if his behaviour isn't the best, as shown in Rodrick Rules when she talks with Manny and convinces him to make a gift to Greg (though a really useless and dangerous one, a spiked aluminum ball which ends up hurting Rowley) for breaking his console and while she doesn't punish Manny for nearly getting all of them killed in Cabin Fever, she isn't shown to be happy with him when she ties him up his shoes.
  6. Sometimes she means well with her ideas and has every right to try to convince Greg to spend more time outside the house so he can enjoy summer instead of spending all day at the house playing video games.
  7. She gives Greg and Rodrick lots of advice to help them such as the time in Hard Luck where Greg was feeling sad that Rowley isn't his friend anymore.
  8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid would probably not be as good as it is without her.
  9. Her design looks decently beautiful but with glasses.



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