Surly Squirrel (The Nut Job)

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Surly Squirrel (The Nut Job)
"Squirrels are not meant to serve Raccoon!"
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy Sneaky Thief
Species: Squirrel
Portrayed by: Will Arnett
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Nut Job

Surly is a fictional animated squirrel who is the main protagonist from the The Nut Job duology. He is voiced by Will Arnett.

Why He Sucked

  1. For starters, he's quite a very unlikeable protagonist in the first film.
  2. He was very selfish as he only cared about himself rather than the other animals.
  3. He was a huge jerk to Andie and Grayson in the first film.
  4. He overuses the Gangnam Style song to the point where it gets old.
  5. He was also destructive, as he destroyed the tree where all the park animals lived as well as their food storage.
  6. He keeps making appalling and unfunny nut puns.
  7. In the first film, he even farted after eating cheese from the mouse traps, which is very gross and unfunny.
  8. He feels like a rip-off of RJ from Over the Hedge. Only far less likable and much more rude, greedy, and egotistical (at least in the first film).
  9. He was very greedy and inconsiderate, as he attempted to steal the nut cart for himself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He did redeem himself during the final half of the first film where he states that he will continue to help the park animals by finding them more food.
  2. Will Arnett did a great job voicing him.
  3. His personality did improve in the sequel.
  4. At least he does care about Buddy.
  5. His design is pretty adorable; notably, his purple fur is smooth and well-groomed; the face looks adorable to stare at.
  6. At least he isn’t as bad as some other animated film protagonists like Reggie, Gene, or even Norm.
  7. He sacrificed himself at the climax of the movie.


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