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"I'll kill you! I'll kill you to Death!"

Superboy-Prime is one of the many variations and counterparts of Superman in the DC universe but he became unhinged following the destruction of his world and became one of the main antagonists of the Crisis On Infinite Earths sequel, Infinite Crisis storyline. Plus, also one of the most powerful supervillains in DC Comics.

Why He Should Be Killed To Death

  1. At first, he was an unexpected real-world counterpart of Superman from the original Crisis titled Crisis On Infinite Earths, but he was later grabbed by writers in Infinite Crisis and re-tooled into a brainless, self-entitled brat who went on super-powered temper tantrums against other comic book heroes for not being who he wanted them to be. He is basically a villain. Not even a good villain, a poorly written villain.
    • In fact, he's one of the worst supervillains of DC comics and is insanely overpowered.
    • He quickly became a shallow caricature of fans that didn't like the changes writers had made to DC Comics.
  2. He has the personality of an angry comic book fanboy during the events of Infinite Crisis something that the mainstream Superman and his Golden Age (Earth-2) counterpart would never do.
    • As a result, his angry fanboy behavior is just an excuse for the comics that featured him would make him a laughing stock because of his actions from said comics that featured film.
  3. He is more of a whiny man-child.
  4. He has the cheesy, yet awkward dialogue, where he says "I'll kill you, I'll kill you to death!", "No i am a man, a man!", "Everything's better than my earth", and "They're ruining everything!".
  5. He has got all the powers of the Silver Comic Book Age version of Superman, but he loves to abuse them, and would eventually kill every hero if they attack him.
  6. He hates nearly all the superheroes in the DC Universe, and tried to kill most if not all of them, even most of them were innocent.
  7. He even despises the original Superman's Superboy/Connor Kent, and wants him out of the picture by killing him unintentionally.
  8. During the events of Blackest Night, he behaves very disrespectfully to his adopted parents and forced him to go to a comic store to find out about the upcoming comics featuring him.
  9. He shows no remorse for any of the evil things he has done after Infinite Crisis.
  10. He is also infamous for killing decently known Teen Titans members: Pantha, Baby Wildebeast, and Bushido in his gruesome violent tendencies, despite Superboy-Prime didn't mean to kill them except for killing the Golden Age (Earth-2) Superman (the first original one).
  11. He is honestly no better in the weekly 51-issued Countdown, where he continues killing alternate Supermen from different universes and attacked Monarch from DC’s Armageddon 2001 along with torturing Mr. Mxyzpltk by scarring him with Superman’s S shield marked.
  12. While original Superman was kind of a superhero, this version is complete opposite as he's a complete monster unlike the original one and is the worst variation of Superman.
    • He is like this because of the comics he read featured him, his earth destroyed, and his banishment to limbo.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He is much tolerable in Dark Nights: Death Metal (where he helps the Prime Earth's Justice League fight The Batman Who Laughs and his army).
  2. His Anti-Monitor-like armor looks cool.
  3. As mentioned before, his tragic backstory of losing homeworld in Crisis On Infinite Earths can make some people from different universes feel for themselves, while being treated like a laughing stock because of the comics that featured him is quite reasonable.


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