Sugar (Total Drama)

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"I personally believe, competition shouldn't be based on points, but instead on your general awesomeness, which means, I should not be in this cannon!"
Gender: Female
Type: Honey Boo Boo Reject
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Rochelle Wilson
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Total Drama'

Sugar is one of the contestants who competes in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She is one of 2 antagonists in the season, with the other being Scarlett.

Why She Sucks

  1. She is a massive liar and manipulator.
  2. Just like Heather, Josee, Taylor, Courtney, and Amy, she's an alpha bitch aka mean popular girl.
  3. Despite the fact that Ella likes her, she doesn't like Ella back.
  4. In the episode 'Mo Money, Mo Problems', she ratted Ella out to Chris so that the latter would get eliminated for singing when Chris told her (Ella) not to, even though it was the only way to save Dave from a bear.
  5. In her debut episode, she gave Topher a death threat.
  6. During the "Truth or Scare" challenge, she ate a tarantula (albeit by accident).
  7. Throughout the episode, This Is The Pits!, she constantly attempted to keep Dave and Sky apart from each other.
  8. In the episode, Pahk'd With Talent, Sugar antagonized Sky after their alliance is over.
  9. Hypocrisy: She detested Ella's singing, yet she gleefully sings commercial jingles that sound far worse than any of Ella's songs.
  10. Her performance, Craptry (Country and rap), failed to impress the judges. Not to mention her falsetto caused damage to the island. This caused her to get eliminated.
  11. She farts several times, including in her audition tape after saying "nailed it".
  12. She often had Ella eliminated from the season due to her singing, which is stupid and unfair.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Passable character design.
  2. Some might found that she was somewhat funny.
  3. Rochelle Wilson did a decent job voicing her.


  1. She shares her similarities with Heather.
  2. Both are labeled "Queens", have a conflict with a "Princess" whom they eliminated.
  3. Sugar, along with Tyler and Dakota, are the only contestants to have competed in a beauty pageant.
  4. She is the only female character with a gap in her teeth (not counting Heather, since she originally didn't have a gap).
  5. She is a parody of Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo.




5 months ago
Score 1


4 months ago
Score 2
She's basically Owen and Heather mixed

DatCoolRedstoneGuy Est. 2004

2 months ago
Score 0
Looks like Sugar's performance, "Craptry", had an ACCURATE name, unironically


2 months ago
Score 1
Wait, isn't she kinda meant to be a character we're supposed to root against?


2 months ago
Score 0
Aren't we supposed to root against her?

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