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    Stop Sign (Object Lockdown)

    Stop Sign
    "What? You can't put me on Loathsome Characters Wiki or-or I will, uh arrest you, you're violating code 63, section B!!!!!!!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mean-Spirited Police Officer
    Species: Stop Sign
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Object Lockdown

    Stop Sign is a contestant from Object Lockdown, Super Object Battle and Super Object Battle Two. He is a stop sign who works as a police officer.

    Why He Should Be Arrested

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, he portrays the law very inconsistently. For example, he says that anything he does not like (boredom, for example) is against the law, which is nothing but a big fat lie..
    2. He is prone to overreacting. For example, when someone does not follow his so-called "law" he goes insane. He especially does this to M&M. Even worse, he treats M&M (along with Yarn) with no respect whatsoever.
    3. Hypocrisy: In the episode "Volcanic Excitement" he scolds Cherry and Pumpkin for digging underground, yet he cheats by using a hovercraft to beat Sun in the race in the next episode, "Rapping It Up".
    4. He can be quite destructive at times, for example, he destroyed Bucket's phone and his team's sand castle.
    5. He is mean-spirited towards Yarn. In one scene, he is shown overworking Yarn who was swimming. He even went as far as to yell at her when she criticized him to the point where he makes the latter cry, showing he's another one of these characters who can't take criticism. Heck, he even put his team up for elimination by calling Yarn a baby and destroying his own team's sand castle, as mentioned before.
    6. He is a framer, in one scene, he was one of the bottom 3 contestants, and he complains that he should not be here and then blames Yarn by saying she brought the wrong supplies.
    7. He can be impossible to deal with at times. In one scene, he threatens Lock to arrest her for eliminating him.
    8. While not confirmed, he might be racist. In one scene, he tries to vote out Balloon for having no limbs.
    9. He is a massive Karma Houdini, as for the most part he never gets punished for his actions.
    10. With all those traits, he can be considered a member of the mean popular boy trope.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He didn't appear in one episode and after his elimination (although he was mentioned once).
    2. His design is passable.
    3. His voice acting is amazing. Even his voice actor loved voicing him.
    4. His elimination was very satisfying to watch.
    5. "What? You can't eliminate me or-or I will, uh arrest you, you're violating code 63, section B!!!!!!!"
    6. He was Much More likable in super object battle.


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