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"Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

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Stimpy (Adult Party Cartoon)
Braindead Stimpy.png
"YOU EEDIOT!" - Ren after John K. flanderized Stimpy.
Gender: Male
Type: "Homophobic" and Immensely Brain-Dead Cat
The Dark Side of Stimpy
Age: Unknown
Species: Cat
Portrayed by: Eric Bauza
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"

Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat is one of the two titular main characters in the Ren and Stimpy franchise. Although he's a good character in the original show, like Ren, he's was badly flanderized in the Adult Party Cartoon.

Why He Wasn't Full Of Happy Happy Joy Joy!

NOTE: This only focuses on the Adult Party Cartoon version of Stimpy, since the original Stimpy is likable.

  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST, like the show itself, recasting an iconic cartoon character who was originally portrayed as a protagonist who was ditzy, dumb, happy-go-lucky, and a goofball, all in a good way. Having Stimpy portrayed as a stereotypically homophobic character for no real reason who’s extremely stupid, pointless and has no purpose whatsoever is a very bad idea. Which was why it upset and angered so many fans of Ren and Stimpy and the Stimpy character in general (though the Stimpy fans aren’t as angry as Ren fans were), since the Stimpy character prior to his Flanderization in Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" has been a fan favorite and audiences have been rooting for him for many years, only for him to end up losing almost all of his charm and likability, to the point that he becomes widely hated once he gets turned into a pointless character, hence it insults the fanbase very hard.
  2. For the fact that he’s a stereotypically homophobic character (despite showing feminine traits over Ren), meaning he has some vague form of hatred and/or prejudice towards Ren and other gay people for no real reason (though some of his hatred towards Ren is understandable, given the monster that Ren is, that doesn’t excuse him for hating other gay people). This makes him extremely hypocritical since he acts very homosexual as well.
  3. He is a total doormat that Ren mistreats constantly and Stimpy just lets Ren walk all over him for no reason, making him a complete Butt-Monkey. This is unlike in the original show, where it was kind of the opposite as there are multiple instances where Stimpy would stand up to himself when Ren goes way too far. Here, with the notable exception of the very start of the episode, Ren Seeks Help (see WHS #10), he hardly ever does that.
    • On top of that, after he seems to be okay after the torture he received, there were times when he can come off as somewhat masochistic and overly passive despite being a brainlessly submissive pushover. Where Ren and most characters would express displeasure and discomfort about being tormented or attacked, Stimpy after Ren Seeks Help, for the most part, seems to enjoy and take pleasure from all of the miserable, uncomfortable, and unpleasant situations that happen to him. Even when Ren makes Stimpy his essential slave for example and he wholeheartedly shows dedication and joy with being a masochist, as seen in episodes like "Stimpy's Pregnant" for example.
  4. He’s extremely stupid to the point it’s not even funny, very similar to Seasons 6-8 of Patrick Star. Sure he was stupid and a comically childish moron in the original series, but he was never a complete idiot like his portrayal in this spin-off. His stupidity used to be charming, now his stupidity is incredibly irritating and frustrating to watch.
    • Stimpy's first attempt to smoke a cigarette is very unpleasant, unfunny, and extremely cringe-worthy to watch.
  5. He’s also pretty pointless and has no purpose to the show whatsoever. You could replace Stimpy with someone else and nothing would really change.
  6. While not as big as Ren’s, his character was one of the biggest problems with the Adult Party Cartoon, which was a show that already contained many problems.
  7. Gross-Out Behavior: He and Ren are the constant causes of making stomach-wrenching scenes, one of these examples includes eating body fluids and living inside a drunk person's mouth while not seeming to care that much about it.
  8. He, alongside Ren, went from being actually funny to being extremely unfunny, gross, vulgar, disturbing, perverted, and disgusting, even for his intended adult audience.
    • He can be considered to be an erotic pervert as well. He has partaken in Ren's awkwardly perverted antics towards sexualized women and he even allows Ren to mistreat him violently and even sexually at times. As seen in Altruists, there was an infamously controversial scene where he begged Ren to practically have sexual intercourse with him when Ren used a wood saw attached to his very crotch to saw a log that was placed on Stimpy's buttocks, which got Stimpy turned on somehow. This is extremely disgusting to watch, it reaches the point of "eye-bleach" territory.
    • We even get to see Stimpy in a pair of small thong panties in Naked Beach Frenzy, which is incredibly cringe-worthy.
  9. During the "Ask Dr. Stupid" segment in Onward and Upward, he feels tasteless and was shoehorned in order to get a cheap laugh and make viewers think that they're watching the original Ren & Stimpy.
  10. Stimpy's crying is ear-piercing, although we do feel bad for him after Ren argued with him and for how the latter treats Stimpy.
  11. He was the conflict in Stimpy’s Pregnant, as everyone thought he was pregnant, but in reality, he was constipated. Which is both annoying and disgusting.
    • Speaking of Stimpy’s Pregnant, for no particular reason, he changes his gender from male to female (complete with breasts) upon realizing that he's "pregnant". Not only is it cringeworthy to watch, but it also makes absolutely zero sense, even by Ren & Stimpy standards, as cats are incapable to change their gender on a whim.
  12. On that topic and WHWAE #5, in both the episodes Altruists and Stimpy’s Pregnant, due to the fact that Stimpy is somehow shown to be able to reproduce like a female despite being male (which again, as mentioned before in WHS #11, makes absolutely zero sense, even by Ren & Stimpy standards), this unambiguously gives out the unfortunate implication that Stimpy himself is a transgender in this show, a stark contrast to the original show where Stimpy is confirmed to be fully male just like Ren, which could be offensive and insensitive to transgender people and their identity struggles in real life.
    • In the episode Altruists, when Stimpy pretends to be a female duck, a duck has sex with him, and he, for some reason, gives birth to three duck and cat hybrids which look incredibly ugly, which makes no sense even by Ren & Stimpy standards because not only that cat and duck DNA are too different to make hybrids possible, and besides it is impossible to automatically change gender to the opposite sex from cross-dressing.
  13. His character design can look ugly at times, mainly due to John K. preferring off-model rather than staying on-model.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He isn’t as infamous or as badly flanderized as Ren is.
  2. Depending on your view, he is a bit likable and is the most tolerable of the main duo.
  3. Eric Bauza's performance as Stimpy was good (when he's not crying, at least) and sounded pretty close to his old voice actor, Billy West.
  5. He and Ren have massively redeemed themselves in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.


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