Sticky Fingaz (Def Jam FFNY)

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"Well if it ain't the great fugitive fighter. Sup Champ?! I see you've lost yo escorts."

Sticky Fingaz is a character in Def Jam: Fight For New York. He is shown in the beginning cutscene of the story mode, when you first create your character playing video games with Blaze/Method Man and winning it.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is shown to be extremely jealous to the player's character Hero. And did many bad things to him and D-Mob's crew.
    • He was a part of the car crash that Crow's Crew caused, and he is seen in the train getting away from the crime. He even caused D-Mob to get arrested.
    • Kidnapped Hero's girl, this caused Hero to fight for Crow (so he can rescue his girlfriend.)
    • Tried to kill Hero, by setting the warehouse on fire while they were inside. This is while Hero was trying to save his girlfriend.
  2. When D-Mob picked Hero instead of him to fight Crack (Fat Joe) he later got upset and betrayed D-Mob and went to Crow's Crew instead.
  3. He is also shown to be extremely rude to D-Mob's crew, demanding Hero to give up his seat, he was also impatient while he was in Crow's meeting.
  4. He also thinks he's the champion just because he won in a video game, yet later on in the game he lost in a inferno match with Hero and died.

Redeeming Qualities


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