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    Sticks the Badger
    "Why doesn't anybody believe me? I mean, it's not like I'm paranoid...STOP FOLLOWING ME!" - Sticks to her own shadow.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Annoying, Pointless Sonic Character
    Age: 16
    Species: Badger
    Portrayed by: Nika Futterman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic Boom
    First appearance: Sonic Boom #1

    Sticks the Badger (スティックス・ザ・バジャー Sutikkusu za Bajā?) is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger and a force of nature in every way. Since her childhood, she has lived and flourished alone in the wilderness and is therefore new to friends in general. She eventually formed a strong bond with Team Sonic and joined them as their wild card in their ongoing battles against Dr. Eggman. She was voiced by Nika Futterman, who also voices characters such as Luna Loud from The Loud House.

    Why She Should've Been Replaced with Marine the Racoon

    1. First and foremost, just like other characters not exclusive to their source material such as Larry Quinn from the live-action adaptation of The Cat in the Hat, she mostly exists in the Sonic Boom franchise just to give the audience someone to root for that the games did not have.
    2. She is incredibly annoying and unlikable, both in behavior and her insanely raspy voice by Nika Futterman. She also never shuts up.
    3. Not to mention, her voice feels like it tries too hard to mimic Cree Summer's voice, but ends up failing to.
    4. She has some disgusting habits: unlike the majority of her species, she likes garbage and hardly ever cleans her burrow.
    5. She often annoys the audience with her nonsensically eccentric tales about stuff like aliens, government agents, and robots taking over. Sure, she has a point with the 3rd item since Dr. Eggman does want to take over the world using his robots, but still.
    6. Speaking about robots, she once had Eggman's slime-bot Buster as a pet and kissed him throughout the episode with slime staying on her lips.
    7. She doesn't trust technology because she grew up with none of it around, but even worse, she hates it, even the most harmless one.
    8. At times, she shows acts of sociopathy and behaves more like an anti-hero than the hero she is supposed to be:
      • In "Two Good To Be True", she wants to kill Knuckles from the mirror world even after learning who he was.
      • In "Alone Again, Unnaturally", the first thing she asks when everyone believes Sonic to have died is if she can take this hammock.
      • In "Robots From The Sky" tetralogy she immediately suggests killing Mighton and Bolts after encountering them just because they are robots, even after they protected Badniks from the team.
    9. She's somewhat a punching bag at times for the following examples:
      • In "Unknown Episode" she revealed that she's the granddaughter of the dictator and just let everyone treat her horribly like a threat for it. Sure that serves as a comeuppance for her antics, but still.
    10. She's a poor man's version of Marine the Raccoon from Sonic Rush Adventure, considering that Marine gets character development.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her background is somewhat sympathetic, as she spent most of her life alone in the jungle and thus has trouble getting along with modern civilization.
    2. She does have a cute character design, also comparable to Marine.
    3. While she does make this character sound very annoying and insanely raspy most of the time, Nika Futterman does put great effort into voicing her.
      • In most of the international dubs (most notable in the Brazilian Portuguese Dub), her insanely raspy voice was replaced by a normal voice.
    4. She does have some funny moments and lines.
    5. Now and then, her fourth wall breaks can be funny.
      • At times, her paranoia is very entertaining, and there are occasions when she is right about what she's paranoid, like in "Can an Evil Genius Crash in your Couch for a Few Days?".
    6. She has a counterpart in the mainline game series mentioned in Sonic Frontiers.


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