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    Steve Smith (seasons 6-present)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Steve Smith
    “I think I’m gonna go bananas” Steve's reaction when he sees he has a page on this wiki and how bad he was in these seasons
    Gender: Male
    Type: Horny Brat

    The Dark Side of Steve Smith

    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Scott Grimes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: American Dad!
    First appearance: Pilot

    Steven Anita Smith is a main character of the animated sitcom American Dad!. As the youngest member of the Smith family. Steve seeks to assert his manhood to his father, Stan and also seeks to lose his virginity in any way he can.

    While he was likable in earlier seasons, he was unfortunately flanderized after the episode “100 AD”.

    "I Think I'm Gonna Go Bananas" Qualities

    1. Steve was originally depicted as a scrawny but pure hearted and kind teenager in earlier seasons. However he was flanderized into a spoiled, selfish, arrogant, and lustful brat.
    2. He constantly commits crimes and gets away with them very often, turning him into a Karma Houdini. He was shown running fake ID and drug businesses, shoplifted from stores, conducted scams, and slandered other people in public.
      • While around half of the crimes Steve has committed were under the influence of Roger, Steve nonetheless gets away with the crimes scot-free and leaves Roger in full blame and punishment for them. So far he has gotten away with running a wine sweatshop of foster children, scamming people including a couple out of over 100,000 dollars, and even framing his own sister Hayley for his fake murder.
    3. He has a terrible judge of character, especially around Roger as multiple episodes have Steve trust Roger for something, only for Roger to dupe him in some way. This bad judgment of character has been so overused that it has now become a cliché that only exists just to advance the plot of an episode.
    4. He very frequently disrespects both of his parents even though they are not the perfect parents around. In “Morning Mimosa”, Steve used the F-word towards Francine because Francine unplugged his video game console from the tv and prevented him from saving the game he was playing when he constantly refused to set the table for dinner right away.
    5. He behaves like an immature brat constantly. In “Minstrel Krampus” he demanded toys from his parents and broke the ones he received.
      • Steve also behaved bratty when he got grounded for 2 weeks by Stan for sassing back at him, in which Steve “goes bananas” and throws an immature and destructive temper tantrum that breaks one of the house windows
    6. He frequently misbehaves in school as he once framed Roger for drinking on the job at school and when he decided to get revenge on three girls including Lisa Silver, he committed violent and crude acts towards them such as making a buffalo defecate on one girl, injecting body fat into the leg of another girl named Janet Lewis, and giving Lisa Silver an STD by stealing her teddy bear, having a prostitute masturbate with it, and giving the soiled bear back to Lisa while she was asleep.
    7. In “The Mural of the Story”, Steve decides to take revenge on Roger for going back on a promise made to him to go on a clowning school luxurious class trip by lying by to the clowning association that Roger hit him. This gets Roger fired from clowning school and Steve never apologizes to Roger for it.

    Good Qualities

    1. Steve is still sympathetic and likable in multiple episodes where he retains his original personality, at least when he's not acting bratty or mean.
    2. His behavior was more likable in earlier seasons.
    3. While Steve turned into a brat after the episode "100 A.D., his clone, Steve-Arino made Steve look like a total saint in comparison when the clone became a sociopath who killed cats for fun.
    4. His terrible change in behavior and flanderization can be somewhat explained as it was mainly due to Hayley's increased independence from the family, starting in "100 A.D." along with parental favoritism from both Stan and Francine.
    5. Scott Grimes still does a great job voicing him.
    6. He is still more likable and tolerable than Stan and Roger overall.


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