Steve (Horrid Henry)

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Steve (Horrid Henry)
You think Peter's a bad family member? Think again!
Gender: Male
Type: Bratty selfish cousin who's worse than Polly
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Joanna Ruiz
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Horrid Henry

Steve is Henry and Peter's second cousin after Polly, he is a snobby, selfish, and stuck-up kid who gets whatever he wants via telling his mother.

Why He's Stuck-Up, Not Posh

  1. He is a mean, bratty, selfish, spoiled kid who often bullies Henry for being lower class, making him classist.
  2. His interrogative catchphrase "Ya?" is annoying.
  3. He is competitive just like Lynn Loud.
  4. He has an ugly design, as his hair looks like red onion colored toothpaste!
  5. He is even friends with Henry's arch-nemesis Moody Margaret, thankfully, she ended her friendship with him in one episode.
  6. He is ungrateful, nasty, and destructive, whenever Rich Aunt Ruby gets him new toys (especially in Christmas), he eventually destroys them and then gives the damaged toys to Henry.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He probably wasn't meant to be liked to begin with.
  2. He is occasionally nice to Henry.
  3. He has gotten karma for his actions on occassion.


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