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Steppenwolf is the main antagonist of the 2017 film, Justice League. He is an military general from the planet, Apokolips and the uncle of Darkseid.

This article will only focused on the 2017 theatrical cut version of Justice League.

Why He Should Be Banished to the Phantom Zone

This article is only focusing on Steppenwolf from Joss Whedon's theatrical cut of Justice League.

  1. Steppenwolf, in this version, barely has any personality other than being a genocidal pervert and a weak threat for the Justice League.
  2. His design looks too similar to Shinnok from Mortal Kombat X.
  3. He's a much lamer version of Marvel's Thanos and mostly with Thor villain, Loki.
    • Both of them are the main antagonists of their respective films (Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame). The major difference is that, despite carrying a giant lead axe, Steppenwolf got beaten by 6 heroes whilst Thanos beat nearly 30 heroes with his bare hands, regardless of whether he was using Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet or not, before wiping out half of all life in the universe.
    • He also basely a Loki wannabe as he is trying to do some one liners with some quotes ripped fits more Loki then Steppenwolf.
      • "You're all too weak to see the truth!" just before Superman comes in to beat him.
      • "No protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others."
  4. His original 2017 design looks like an obscured video game character with a bland, boring, plain, and monochromatic color scheme of grayish-blue and beige, whereas Marvel's Thanos (as mentioned above) has a bright, eye-catching color scheme of purple skin and gold-and-blue armor/tunic.
    • Also, it looks like it came from a rejected Skeletor design for a He-Man movie, show, merchandise or game.
  5. He calls himself the "End of Worlds". However, he doesn't live up to that alias since he got beaten up by 6 heroes (especially Superman) and got killed by his own Parademons after his axe was destroyed.
  6. He is very not intimidating, and is forgotten after Justice League.
  7. Say what you will about Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy, but his actions made more sense compared to Steppenwolf's.
  8. He barely has a little connection to his nephew, Darkseid, whom Steppenwolf wanted to be free from servitude and was exiled from his planet.
  9. He keeps monologuing too much in the film which is repetitive.
  10. Since his design feels off, his hands kinda feel like he's closing them as fists.
  11. He barely has any connection with communicating Lex Luthor in the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
  12. Her "mother" line is very cringeworthy to the fact that the Mother Boxes are his "mother".
  13. Steppenwolf also wants to use Mother Boxes just to turn Earth into a "New Apokolips". Of course, Apokolips was NOT created synthetically!
    • This is because Joss Whedon almost completely rewrote and reshot Zack Snyder's original version of him.
  14. He's basically a rip-off of Lyric from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, as both have a "I'm gonna destroy the world because I'm evil!" personality.
  15. His warfare drove him very mad which led to the Parademons to threaten him to leave the war despite he wants their alliance to crumble.
  16. His defeat is a rip-off from both Scar from The Lion King and Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians. Steppenwolf has a mental breakdown after his axe is destroyed and his Parademons promptly tear him to pieces, making it too similar to Wicked Witch of the West's pointy witch hat (which commands the winged monkeys and the Winkie guards) from Wizard Of Oz.
  17. This version would also appear in the Superman manga published by Kodansha Comics titled Superman vs. Food: Superman Dining Alone, and is easily defeated by Superman from the start of the first chapter.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His armor looks similar to its New 52 version, which is good and could have been better.
  2. Much like the Joker, who had his characterization redeemed, he has a different design, more screen-time and a better motivation in the director's cut, Zack Snyder's Justice League.
    • Instead of planning to destroy the world and turn it into his "New Apokolips" just because he wants to, this different version of Steppenwolf wants to conquer Earth in order to regain his honor and convince Darkseid that he's still worthy.


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