Station Officer Steele (Seasons 6-present)

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Station Officer Steele
"You made me crunch my lunch!"
Gender: Male
Type: Childish Side of Station Officer Steele
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Portrayed by: David Carling (UK)
Dave Pender (US)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Fireman Sam

Norris Steele, formerly Basil Steele (also known as Station Officer Steele) is one of the main characters from the popular British childrens' show Fireman Sam.

In the first five seasons, he was a great character, but he was unfortunately one of the victims of flanderization after season 6.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although not as bad as Elvis or Norman, Station Officer Steele received a notable flanderization in season 6 and doesn't really act like what he did in the first five seasons. Rather than being portrayed as a strict and mature authority figure to the firefighters, Steele is now rather a childish and silly man, which mostly the opposite of how he is normally supposed to be portrayed as. This was most likely done to do the cliche "childish authority figure" which has been overdone.
  2. He has less personality compared to his stop-motion counterpart, with him mostly being nothing more than just a generic station officer, when the original Steele had a lot of personality and was admittedly a very enjoyable character.
  3. His strictness has been massively reduced since season 6, with him not giving people that much of a punishment when they do something wrong:
    • He doesn't really give Elvis that many punishments when he does something that a normal firefighter shouldn't do, although he does yell "Cridlington!" from time to time, it is still not that much.
    • Along with the rest of the firefighters, he doesn't give Norman Price that much of a punishment whenever he causes an emergency, he and the rest of the team just let him off with a warning that Norman would forget in the next episode and nothing else.
  4. For some reason, he now has a weird obsession with kids toys and unleashes the child within him, such as playing with kites (Blow Me Down) and paper airplanes (Paper Plane Down).
  5. Sometimes, there are few attempts at trying to make him funny, but most of the time they are pretty flat and hard to give a laugh out of, such as his infamous pun "You made me crunch my lunch!" in the episode "Model Plane".
  6. He most of the time acts hypocritical, for example, in "Sausages Vs. Shrimps", he tells Elvis to stop having his tummy rumble is a session learning about forest fires. However, he keeps on describing barbecue food in most delicious detail, so it's only notable for someone to get hungry.
  7. His character redesign is not very good, as it barely resembles his design from the stop-motion era and it has a very ugly design, much like most of the other characters in Fireman Sam since season 6.

Good Qualities

  1. Unlike Elvis Cridlington, he at least wasn't flanderized into becoming completely incompetent at his job and is still shown to be a good firefighter for the most part.
  2. Despite having less personality, he is still friendly to the rest of the firefighters and civilians of Pontypandy, and he does remain as likable.
  3. David Carling and Dave Pender do decent jobs at voicing him.
  4. He's probably the least flanderized character of the series, and he actually does still have strict and good moments now and then.
  5. He was a much better character in the first five seasons prior to his flanderization.


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