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    Starscream (Michael Bay pentalogy)

    "Truly the universe favors those who persist." (Here's a hint. He really is bad comedy.)
    "It will be your Spark for my flanderization, Michael Bay! You useless parasite!" -Starscream's reaction when the writers flanderized him in the Michael Bay pentalogy.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Deranged Decepticon
    The Imbecilic Side of Starscream
    Species: Decepticon
    Portrayed by: Charlie Adler
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Transformers
    First appearance: Transformers(2007)

    Starscream is a major Decepticon that occurred in the first three films. He was Megatron's 2nd-in-command until he died and was succeeded by Barricade.

    He is voiced by Charlie Adler.

    Why He is a Complete Imbecile

    1. Like Megatron in The Last Knight, he has a stale and flat personality.
    2. In the second and third movies, Starscream became more incompetent and was given too little spotlight, which is very unfortunate because Starscream is one of the most iconic Decepticons, but he was sadly wasted, like Megatron and even a lot of the Decepticons in the films.
    3. His death by Sam Witwicky was unsatisfactory.
      • He somehow can't seem to actually yank Sam off him when his eye was damaged and caught on a grappling hook and even got his other eye caught on a boomstick which led to his wasted and pathetic death.
    4. He was flanderized from being the silly comic relief of the Decepticons to being a huge murdering psychopathic idiot.
    5. Like a lot of the Transformers in the movies, Starscream's design isn't bad by itself, but it drew a divisive response among old-school fans.
      • Some fans say his design is indiscernible to the point that he is considered a scrappy and that his body can look like a Dorito at times.
      • Many fans expected Starscream to look like his G1 design, but to be fair, this version of the character is based on Starscream as a whole (not just his G1 version).
    6. Like most of his incarnations, he was a huge Butt-Monkey, but with the charm sucked.
    7. Even though he is tolerable in the video game adaptation of Transformers: Dark of The Moon, he was the fault for giving away the Decepticon-controlled Siberian Soviet facility to both Autobot and NEST forces after disobeying an order to destroy all the MechTech by capturing one piece of MechTech technology with a tracking system implanted in it.
    8. For some reason, he didn't help or protect Megatron from Sentinel Prime and would rather just serve Sentinel Prime instead as well as leaving Megatron to suffer. While it shows him some form of betrayal against Megatron, this was poorly-executed, abrupt, and mean-spirited.
    9. He's also a hypocrite by calling Megatron a coward in the second film and weak in the third film though that is true, but in reality he's more weaker and more cowardly than Megatron.
    10. For some reason he spits out some saliva while talking which is absolutely disgusting.
    11. The plot-hole about him fighting alongside the Germans in World War I makes no sense.
    12. He lacks screen time, since the movies (particularly the sequels) focused too much on the human subplots, leaving Starscream and other Transformers underutilized.
      • In other words, what he has done for his antics and wasted potential was nothing more than in G1 Galvatron's words to describe them: bad comedy.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. In the first Transformers movie, he had a more commander-worthy personality and was more competent than he is in the other two movies.
      • This trait was also followed in the video game adaptation of the same name and its 2.0 mod. Speaking of which, he was made a great boss for Megatron to fight against in the Cybertron level in the 2,0 mod's Decepticon campaign.
      • This trait of his is also used in the video game adaptations of Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen as he is much more tolerable than how he is in the movie adaptation.
      • Like Megatron, he has some of the best and better moments in the video game adaptation of Transformers: Dark of The Moon which he was able to take out many Autobots including Stratosphere.
    2. Though despite his hypocrisy in WHIACI #9, he does make a valid point about Megatron being weak and a coward.
      • He also makes a point that sometimes cowards do survive.
    3. Despite that he is a pathetic punching-bag, he did technically deserve it for leaving Megatron to die.
    4. Charlie Adler does a good job voicing him.
    5. His design still had a lot of effort, even if some fans weren't satisfied with it.
    6. It's heavily implied he was the F-22 who attacked Megatron, which is awesome.
    7. He did spawn a lot of good toys based on him.
    8. His buzzsaw is pretty cool.
    9. He made a cameo appearance in the 2018 reboot, Bumblebee, which he massively redeemed himself in it as he led the Seekers to destroy the launch bay in the opening sequence.


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