Starscream (Michael Bay Pentalogy)

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"Truly the universe favors those who persist."

Starscream is a major Decepticon who occurred in the first three films. He was Megatron's 2nd-in-command until he died, and thus got succeeded by Barricade.

He is voiced by Charlie Adler.

Why He Sucks

  1. Like Megatron, he has a stale and flat personality.
  2. The Cybertronian language on his jet mode (F-22 Raptor) in Revenge of the Fallen was never explained at all.
  3. His death done by Sam Witwicky was very unsatisfactory.
  4. He was flanderized from being the silly comic relief of the Decepticons to being a huge murdering psychopath.
  5. His design is grotesque to the point that he is considered a scrappy.
  6. Like most Starscreams, he was a huge punching bag, making him a Butt-Monkey.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the first Transformers movie, he had a more commander-worthy personality and was more competent than he is in the later 2 movies.
  2. He is not much of a coward in the first Transformers movie as well.
  3. Charlie Adler does a good job voicing him.
  4. He does some slick moves in his fight scenes.
  5. Kids may still find him cool.
  6. The toy versions of him are fun.


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