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    Star Butterfly (seasons 3 and 4)

    WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

    This article contains spoilers related to this character and their source material. Suppose you do not wish to know vital information on the character's elements throughout. In that case, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said character should you continue.
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    NOTE: Not to be confused with Star from Wish.

    Star Butterfly
    *sighs* "...I'm gonna destroy the magic."
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Star Butterfly
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Eden Sher
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Star vs the Forces of Evil
    First appearance: Star Comes to Earth
    Last appearance: Cleaved

    Star Butterfly is the main protagonist and titular character of the Disney Channel animated series Star vs the Forces of Evil. As a princess from the fantastical realm of Mewni, she gets sent to Earth as a transfer student after she accidentally sets fire to her family’s castle with her wand on her birthday. Eventually she does return to Mewni to deal with a threat named Toffee, she later has to deal with the historical bigotry her kingdom has towards the monsters of the realm. She is voiced by Eden Sher.

    While she was likable in the first two seasons of the show and The Battle for Mewni story arc, she unfortunately suffers from a massive case of character derailment and flanderization afterwards.

    Why She Should Have Disappeared With The Magic

    1. In the first two seasons, Star was depicted a reckless and silly but kindhearted girl but in the last two seasons, she turns into an even more reckless, manipulative, mean-spirited, and spoiled teenager. than Britney
    2. She is very toxic towards both Marco and Tom Lucitor, who were the two boys Star got caught in a love triangle with. She continuously has affairs with both of them and is indecisive over who to choose until near the series finale.
    3. Her personality is also inconsistent in these seasons, as the show doesn't know what they want her to be, like a brat, or an overly irresponsible girl or other traits.
    4. She is very infamous for her decision to erase magic, which results in mass genocide on magical beings, to stop a genocide that antagonist Mina Loveberry was planning to commit against monsters.
    5. Star not only committed genocide by erasing magic, but she also forcefully merged Mewni with earth without giving the humans living there the heads up and cut off all Interdimensional relationships
      • During the erasure of magic, Star does hesitate but did so for all the wrong reasons. She does not even think about all the magical friends she would be erasing from the world or any of the consequences of her decision. She was just concerned about seeing Marco again.
      • Also since she is considered a magical being herself, she could have also been erased from existence but she somehow survives which is a plot hole.
      • She chose to destroy magic instead of righfully killing or imprisoning Mina, who's still allowed to live unpunished. This was clearly also a forced attempt to force showing mercy on kid viewers.
      • Also, she seems proud of what she did later on, making her very remorseless.
    6. She is also a hypocrite when it comes to racism as she was shown to be a heavy advocate for monster equality in Mewni yet she was willing to commit genocide on magical beings to get what she wanted. This comes at the fact that many magical beings look like monsters as Star herself pointed out at a season 3 episode.
    7. She showed a huge of amount of disrespect towards her grandmother, Comet Butterfly when she proclaimed that Toffee was right. The problem with that was that Toffee was the one who murdered Comet during a peace agreement to stop the mewman/monster war and Comet advocated for equality for monsters in Mewni.
    8. In "Cornonation", she does a very poor job figuring out who prematurely freed Globgor from his Crystal prison. She immediately believes that Eclipsa did it instead of taking her time with the evidence (i.e. checking on a magical rooster in Eclipsa’s possession that had the spell to free Globgor).
    9. Even though Star is the show’s protagonist, she starts to hoard tons of screentime at the expense of other characters like Ludo and the magical high commission members. Because of this, many other characters like Eclipsa and Marco are forced to share screentime with Star in most of the times they appear with the screentime given to Star mostly devoted on her protest towards monster racism and her love triangle with Marco and Tom. Sound similiar?

    Shining Star Qualities

    1. She was much more likable in the first two seasons, and in Chibi Tiny Tales. Additionally, she, along with Moon Butterfly and the members of the Magic High Commission, is also okay in the first few episodes of season 3.
    2. Her character design and voice acting by Eden Sher are great as usual.
    3. The erasure of magic is not fully her fault as she was pushed into making that decision because of some bad decisions her mother Queen Moon made behind Star's back.
    4. There are still a handful of episodes where she is likable and retains her original personality.
    5. She does care about her friends. like Marco and Janna.
    6. She can be likable in season three and four at times
    7. The show wouldn't be as good without her since that she is the main protagionist.

    Shining Star Comments

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