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    Stanley and Sandra Practice (The Powerpuff Girls, 1998)

    Stanley and Sandra Practice
    "The city of Townsville is very concerned about the Powerpuff Girls' influence on their children, so Stanley and I are here to discuss the situation with you" - Sandra.
    Gender: Male (Stanley)
    Female (Sandra)
    Type: Idiotic/Cruel Moral Guardians
    The Cartoon Rendition of a Karen and Kevin
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Darran Norris (Stanley)
    Susanne Blakeslee (Sandra)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Powerpuff Girls
    First appearance: Girls Gone Mild
    Last appearance: Girls Gone Mild

    Stanley and Sandra Practice, or simply known as Mr. & Mrs. Practice, are one-time characters from the Cartoon Network show The Powerpuff Girls (the 1998 version), appearing as the main antagonists in the infamous episode "Girls Gone Mild". They are a very strict couple, despite not being necessarily evil.

    They were voiced by Darran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee respectively.


    After forming P.A.P.P. - Parents Against Powerpuffs, Stan and Sandra tell Professor Utonium that the girls MUST stop fighting crime by kicks and punches, as they think this might be impressionable to younger kids. They have issued a contract threatening to sue the Professor if the girls don't obey this. In the end, at the brink of destruction brought forward by the Dooks of Doom the Practices tear up their contract, allowing the girls to save the day once again. After the girls saved the day, it is unknown what happened to the Practices, although it is assumed that they got apparently unpunished, but they decided never to bother the Powerpuff Girls again.

    Why They Intentionally Should Be Sued

    1. For obvious starters, they are extremely cruel to the Powerpuff Girls, as they ban them from using their powers as they thought it might be impressionable to younger children. Even worse, they threaten that they'll sue Professor Utonium.
      • Because of this, the Girls go through many cruel and boring moments in the episode they were in that serve as somewhat filler.
    2. They act too much like the parents of the Girls even though they aren't. They got to act like this by threatening to sue the Professor, undermining his authority as a father to the girls in the process.
    3. They're very unoriginal in terms of overall personality, being stereotypical "Powers are bad because of reasons"-type tropes.
    4. They never show that much evidence of the normal kids in Townsville destructively pretending to act like the Girls aside from showing the Professor their petition to stop the Girls' superpowers with all the parents signing it.
    5. Thanks to their invalid and unreasonable ban, saving the day from crime became more tedious and difficult with the police getting overwhelmed with the number of calls they received, and the crime rate became higher than usual to the point where it was also happening in cities outside of Townsville.
    6. Near the end of the episode, while Stanley and Sandra Practice do realize the importance of superheroes and tore up the contract to let the Girls use their powers again, they did not apologize to them or the Professor for their actions of even banning the latter from even using their powers previously, or the police for making their career more stressful.
    7. While Stanley and Sandra Practice do get a bit of comeuppance (as they nearly get eaten by the Dooks of Doom), it's too light to be considered karma, given that the Powerpuff Girls rescue them.
      • Why would the Powerpuff Girls even consider rescuing them after what they put them through?
    8. For reasons overall, they're also a perfect representation of an entitled Karen and an entitled Kevin.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Although they weren't valid for not letting the girls use their powers, they at least teach an important moral about not copying or impersonating someone.
    2. As mentioned in WIS#4, they do get their comeuppance when they nearly get eaten by the Dooks of Doom and do let the girls use their powers at the end, and to quote Sandra, "Forget the contract!".
    3. They were supposed to be hated due to their cruel and unjustified treatment towards the Girls. After all, like the episode they appeared in, their purpose is to mock real-life moral guardians for their stupidity, despite them being poorly written.
    4. Darran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee do amazing jobs voicing Stanley and Sanda, respectively.
    5. Much like most of the characters in The Powerpuff Girls, their designs are very appealing to look at.
    6. They never appear in any other episode after Girls Gone Mild.


    • Craig McCracken admitted that he hates the Practices, meaning that he regretted making those two as a result, and also hated the moral guardians as a whole.
    • Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee both went on to voice in The Fairy OddParents, with the former voicing Cosmo and the latter voicing Wanda.
    • Their name is a pun on the word "Standards and Practices," which is the part of a television network that makes sure that television shows are appropriate for viewing audiences. Primarily, this is done with game shows.


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