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    Stanley (A Troll in Central Park)

    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Dom DeLuise (1933-2009).

    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!'" — Denzel Crocker

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    "You'll never have a dream come true! And you know why? You're a coward!" - Gus to Stanley.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cringe-worthily Sappy, Cowardly Troublemaker
    Species: Troll
    Portrayed by: Dom DeLuise
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A Troll in Central Park

    "He is kind, he is good, he is gentle, and he's giving a bad name to trolls everywhere!" - Gnorga, Queen of Trolls to her minions

    Stanley is the main protagonist of the critically-panned 20th Century Fox and Don Bluth film A Troll in Central Park.

    He is a good-natured little troll who has a green thumb that can grow flowers, something he, unlike any other troll, loves. He was voiced by the late Dom DeLuise.

    Why He'll Never Have a Dream Come True

    1. He is a very badly written protagonist, even by animated film standards.
      • Of all the characters Don Bluth has ever created, he can easily be considered the worst character, due to the various reasons listed below.
    2. Though his design is supposed to look cute and cuddly in stark contrast to the grotesque designs of all the other trolls living in the Kingdom of Trolls (especially Gnorga, the Queen of Trolls), his design is ugly as it looks like an awkward mix between Bilbo Baggins from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, Dopey from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Lucky Charms' Lucky the Leprechaun. To quote the Nostalgia Critic in his character design when reviewing his film, "imagine Bilbo Baggins just ate the Lucky Charms leprechaun and got shit out through Dopey's anus. And that's the nice version".
    3. He is incredibly annoying and won't shut up every minute he's onscreen.
    4. His personality is incredibly sappy and saccharine, so much so that he makes many other iconic children's characters such as the ones from Care Bears, Sesame Street, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. look like tough guys in comparison to him.
    5. He is also very cowardly, as he chickens out when Gus wants him to save Rosie from Gnorga, which he even calls him out for (and then the film tries to portray Gus in the wrong, even though it's one of the few things to like about him).
    6. Similar to Don Bluth's version of Thumbelina, despite him being the main protagonist and getting a fair amount of screen time, he barely does anything important until near the end of the movie when he fights Gnorga, as Gus and Rosie are the only characters that do anything substantiate in the film, and they are just major characters.
    7. He contributes way too much filler throughout the movie, so much to the point that it bores, annoys, and frustrates the heck out of the audience that is watching his film, which is evident every time he summons happy dancing flowers around Rosie. On top of that, all the happy dancing flowers he summons are excessively sickly sweet and saccharine.
      • Of all the many scenes of unneeded filler found throughout his film, nearly 99% of the filler moments of his film are entirely on scenes featuring him, with his worst and most pointless filler scene of the entire film being the infamous sequence of his sentient talking flowers dancing around for long periods to cheer up a crying Rosie (which is caused by Gus hurting her feelings by taking her away from him).
      • The scene of him running around Central Park goes on for way too long.
    8. Speaking of his magic, it pretty much does whatever the plot needs it to do, as demonstrated when he enlarges Gus' toy boat which he repaired, transforming it into a "dream boat" to save the kids and they escape together using his green thumb. However, it was not established that his magic could do that before and since it had only been shown to be able to grow flowers.
    9. Speaking of his flowers, most of the character designs of his sentient flowers look like direct rip-offs of the same sentient flowers from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
    10. His quote that "Anything is real, starts with a dream" not only doesn't make any sense but is also a bad lesson for children, as dreams that come naturally don't happen immediately or in real life; instead, dreams can only be real when you do something about it.
    11. He is also incredibly stupid as well. Worse still, his stupidity isn't funny, cute, or endearing in the slightest, but rather irritating and frustrating.
    12. He's extremely immature as he cried very childishly after taking refuge under the bridge because of all the chaotic chases he previously endured upon his arrival in New York City.
      • And because of his sheer immaturity along with his acts of unadulterated cluelessness, he always behaves like such a nitwit, it makes him out to be this complete imbecile all the way through.
    13. His attraction to Rosie is unnerving, sickening, and creepy.
      • While his attraction to Rosie is supposed to be treated as something cute, charming, and innocently platonic, it instead comes off as disturbingly pedophilic, because of his overly excited reactions when Rosie kisses him on the nose (as he flies into the air screaming with joy with green energy coming from his lower regions), as well as the fact that Rosie, keep in mind, is only a toddler.
      • The constant running gag of his wiggling ears, even before he meets Rosie and Gus, while they're supposed to be cute and endearing to children, instead, he comes out as a creepy pedophile who uses his sentient dancing flowers to lure them to him for this reason above.
    14. His songs "Absolutely Green" and "Welcome to My World" are awful, unoriginal, poorly written, cheesy, and serve no purpose in the film other than just filler (in a film that's already full of it).
    15. Most of his dialogue is very stupid and laughable.
    16. Not even close to relatable, even to his film's youngest of target audience.
    17. His "perfect world" is shown to be filled with trolls who look and think exactly like him, which just shows how he is living in a world of his own and how completely delusional and detached from reality he is in a bad way. How exactly is that meant to be a good thing?
    18. The ending where he covers up the whole city of New York in plants is supposed to be happy and uplifting, but it is rather horrifying. This action is rather villainous and yet we are still supposed to root for him.
      • Because of his actions at the ending, both he and Gnorga suffer from rather poor representation as the protagonist and antagonist respectively, as his movie tries to force viewers to like the protagonist (Stanley) and to despise the villain (Gnorga) without giving the usual proper characterization to them as a reason to do this, just like how Gene Meh is portrayed as in The Emoji Movie. I also want to chop everything he creates with a chainsaw.
    19. He, along with Thumbelina and Gus, were one of the many factors that contributed to Don Bluth's massive downfall throughout the mid-1990s.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The concept of Stanley's characterization as a good-natured, cheerful, optimistic yet cowardly little troll who has a green thumb that can grow flowers has potential as a decent protagonist but sadly is executed poorly due to the film's overall badly-rushed writing.
    2. The late Dom DeLuise does an alright job voicing him.
    3. He faces his fears of standing up against the evil Gnorga to protect both Gus and Rosie near the end of the film because Gus called him out on his cowardice, which means he did have some minor character development, though that isn't saying much.
    4. Don Bluth would eventually learn from his mistakes and therefore started writing far better main protagonists for his subsequent animated films, beginning with Hubie from The Pebble and the Penguin (despite him being rather flawed), and has improved drastically when he created Anastasia.


    • Stanley is the final Don Bluth character voiced by Dom DeLuise.
    • Stanley shares several similarities to that of Tiger from Don Bluth's own An American Tail in the sense that they're both cowardly comic relief sidekicks to the child protagonists in their respective films (who co-incidentally, also share the same voice actor Phillip Glasser), right down to even sharing the same voice actor Dom DeLuise, except that Tiger is a funny, likable, charming and well-written character while Stanley is none of those things.
    • By pure coincidence, Stanley also shares several similarities to Giselle from Enchanted, as both of them are relentlessly cheerful and optimistic protagonists who get banished by evil queens to New York under the assumption that they'd be miserable over there, only to befriend two New York residents of different ages (one cynical older male, one cute younger female) after some fish-out-of-water struggles upon arrival there at New York, successfully win them over with their cheery philosophies, optimism and musical numbers (with the little girl character being the first of the duo to befriend said protagonist), and even confront the evil queens responsible for their respective plights when their respective evil queens pursue them and their respective allies over at New York. That Giselle is a likable and well-written character while Stanley is none of those things.
      • Coincidentally, following Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox (including 20th Century Fox, which owns current rights to the character's film as of 2002) as of March 20, 2019, hence this reunites both Disney's Giselle and Don Bluth's Stanley under the same roof.



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