Stan Smith (seasons 11-present)

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Stan Smith (Seasons 11-present)
"Good night, USA, good night, old Stan."
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark Side of Stan Smith
Age: 40
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Seth MacFarlane
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: American Dad!
First Appearance: "Pilot"

Stanford Leonard Smith is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom American Dad! He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

Sadly, he has been flanderized since season 11.

Bad Qualities

  1. Similar to two other male leads from Fox's other popular animated sitcoms, Stan became an unfortunate victim of flanderization, as he went from being a patriotic, right-wing man who still means well as a father into a whiny, immature, annoying, unfunny, and literal man-child.
  2. He's basically just the American Dad! version of Peter Griffin (though not as bad) as he acts childish, and seems to treat his family horribly, especially Hayley and Klaus.
  3. He is a horrible father, not just an abuser to Steve, but a hater on Klaus as he completely tortures him for no reason given at all, other than to advance the plot.
  4. He has a strong and unnecessary hatred for Jeff similar to Seasons 1-10 as he seems to have learned nothing from the episode "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls" when Jeff saved him from death. He still tends to rip on Jeff for nothing.
  5. His hatred for Hayley has gone way too far, to the point that he disfigures his daughter after causing so much trouble for her.
  6. In one episode, Stan decides to wipe his family's memories so then he could have Father's Day every day. This episode goes to show how much of a sociopath he is as a person in general.
  7. He thinks that he can do everything right. When Francine was horribly sick, he said no to taking her to the hospital, thinking he could fix her and make her feel better.
  8. In general, he's been a very unfunny character in episodes such as "American Fung" where his antics are supposed to be taken as jokes but come off as tasteless, unfunny and boring.
  9. His flanderization got worse midway through season 11 when the show moved to TBS as his flanderization is cranked up to eleven.
    • Speaking of which, he was at his absolute worst in episodes such as "American Fung" and "The Mural of the Story" where his flanderization met all-time lows as he forgets his wife's anniversary and then locks her up in an asylum and aside from almost getting a lobotomy, Stan does not really receive any punishment for his horrendous behavior in this episode. Likewise, in "The Mural of the Story", he blows the funds for the mural on a pre-party, ruins the mural by making it look like it was drawn by a preschool student, pins his misdeeds on his own daughter, refuses to tell the truth, and mutilates his daughter’s face.

Good Qualities

  1. He was a more likable character in seasons 1-10. He still cares about his family and friends.
  2. Seth MacFarlane still does an excellent job voicing him.
  3. He is likable in a few episodes such as the 200th episode.
  4. He still has a great character design.
  5. He is still very patriotic despite his right-wing attitude being long gone from Seasons 1-2 (and by a lesser extent, Seasons 3-4).
  6. He sometimes does show regret and gets comeuppances such as in "The Mural of the Story", where he apologizes to Hayley and was booed which proves that he won't be a karma houdini entirely.
  7. His flanderization at least didn’t hurt the show too much.


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