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    Stan Smith (season 10-present)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Countless adult-oriented subjects like domestic abuse, murder, rape, assault, drugging, etc.

    Stan Smith
    "Every villain is the hero of his own apple cinnamon monkey toaster."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Corrupt CIA Official
    Sociopathic Karma/Idiot Houdini
    The Extremely Dark Side of Stan Smith
    Age: 43
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Seth MacFarlane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: American Dad!
    First appearance: Pilot

    Stanford Leonard Smith is the main protagonist of the 2005-present American adult animated sitcom American Dad!. He is the husband of Francine Smith, father of Hayley and Steve, and voiced by the series co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane, who also voices Roger, Greg Corbin, and Peter Griffin. Usually, he’s portrayed as an absent-minded and brave patriarch of his family and a loyal official to the CIA; on the other hand, he’s not as kind as many folks like to imagine. As a matter of fact, Stan is the one that causes many problems to his family and misfortune to other people due to his stupidity, but there have been times when he often causes enough trouble to others around him.

    While he was very hilarious and jolly in the first nine seasons, he sadly suffered an awful case of flanderization since season 10 and will never be who he originally was in the early seasons.

    Why He's Not Our American Dad Anymore

    1. Similar to two other male leads from Fox's other popular animated sitcoms, Stan became an unfortunate victim of flanderization as he lost most of his likability and jolly traits he had in seasons 1-7, though it varies whether or not he may be in full character in seasons 8, 9, and even the first three episodes of season 10, where his flanderization didn't begin until “Big Stan on Campus”. He, alongside Roger, suffered the worst flanderizations in American Dad, as he he went from being a somewhat absent-minded, yet brave and loyal patriarch and right-wing brave patriot of the USA into a more idiotic, cowardly, annoying, troublesome, bad-tempered, whiny, spoiled, bratty, immature, annoying, and unfunny man-child, as well as being a corrupt full villain for the most part.
      • While Stan has shown himself to be a jerk who had done unlikable things in the first nine seasons, his corrupt behavior gets even worse afterward.
    2. What's more jarring is that he was supposed to be a brave anti heroic patriot, yet, like how Mr. Krabs was depicted in seasons 6-10, Stan has a lot of villainous acts that only did more to harm people and animals in Langley Falls, along with his family.
    3. He now has a strong and unnecessary hatred for Jeff similar to seasons 1-10 as he seems to have learned nothing from the episode "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls" when Jeff saved him from death. He still tends to rip on Jeff for nothing.
    4. He is now a horrible husband to Francine by doing a lot of misdeeds that constantly put her in jeopardy.
    5. He's just the American Dad! version of Peter Griffin (though not as horrible) because he acts childish and more of an idiotic jerk in many scenes.
    6. He is now a horrible father, as shown when there are multiple episodes where he abuses Steve and Hayley and makes their lives like hell.
    7. He is also a hater of Klaus as he completely tortures him for no reason given at all, other than to advance the plot.
    8. He can be a Gary Stu at times.
    9. He's also quite bland regarding his facial expressions.
    10. He is also a blatant hypocrite, as shown when he ordered Hayley to stop texting while driving, yet he does the same as well.
    11. Even though he's not depicted as unlikable on some occasions, he can often be a butt-monkey for comedic purposes in some episodes.
    12. Like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, his stupidity has gone from comedic to very mean-spirited, though not as horrible as Peter's.
    13. He thinks that he can do everything right when he actually screws up the CIA missions and commits more crimes because of his stupidity.
    14. He murders or assaults several people or animals for no reason and barely gets punished for his actions by forgetting what he did. This further shows he constantly puts everyone in Langley Falls in jeopardy.
      1. Speaking of which, he also committed acts of terrorism in several instances such as creating a natural disaster that destroyed much of Langley Falls and murdered a lot of people.
    15. When he supposedly learns his lessons, he always forgets what he's doing and constantly continues to commit crimes, as if nothing happened.
    16. He assaults people who get in his way like the time he beats up a bystander for not supporting Steve in “Next of Pin”.
    17. In general, he's been a very unfunny character in episodes such as "American Fung", where his antics are supposed to be taken as jokes but come off as tasteless, unfunny, and boring.
    18. His flanderization got worse early in season 10 when the show moved to TBS as his flanderization was cranked up to an 11 ever since and did many unforgivable and heinous crimes that will most likely cause you to hate him with a flaming passion.
      • Speaking of which, he was at his absolute worst in episodes such as "American Fung" and "The Mural of the Story" where his flanderization met his all-time lows as he forgets his wife's anniversary and then locks her up in an asylum and aside from almost getting a lobotomy, Stan does not receive any punishment for his horrendous behavior in this episode.
      • In “Bazooka Steve”, he made Steve a pariah to the public’s eyes by sending him to the Bazooka Sharks. When this resulted in an angry mob, Stan had Steve banished to a chartered island.
      • In “Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves”, he robbed the bank in order to save his money for no good reason.
      • In "Morning Mimosa", he streaks naked in a store which resulted in his arrest. (This is considered illegal in real life!)
      • His hatred for Hayley has gone way too far, up to the point where he disfigures his daughter after causing so much trouble to her.
      • In "Father's Daze", Stan decides to wipe his family's memories so then he could have Father's Day every day. This episode goes to show how much of a sociopath he is as a person in general.
      • In "A Starboy Is Born", when Francine is sick, he refuses to take her to the hospital, thinking he could fix her and make her feel better.
      • He was at his absolute worst in “Anchorfran”, as he abused his CIA position and ordered Dick to make a hurricane that killed dozens of people to make Greg Corbin fall in love with Memphis Stormfront, which further shows that he can be a mass murderer that puts the whole people of Langley Falls in jeopardy (as stated above).
      • He trespassed into a factory to rob the "ever-lasting edible" for Avery Bullock’s wishes to have something desirable, which further shows that he can be a robber.
      • Likewise, in "The Mural of the Story", he blows the funds for the mural at a pre-party, ruins the mural by making it look like it was drawn by a preschool student, pins his misdeeds on his daughter, refuses to tell the truth, and mutilates his daughter’s face.
    19. For the most part, he often gets away with his heinous actions, as he's Karma Houdini (as well as an Idiot Houdini, since he's now a full-blown idiot).
    20. Despite not damaging the show's reputation, Stan’s flanderization still butchered his reputation as a character where many people who hate Stan can view him as a villain or a villain protagonist. Simply put, he gives the original Stan Smith a bad name.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was a likable and funny character in seasons 1-9.
      • There are still several episodes where he temporarily reverted to his original personality, such as the 200th episode.
    2. He's not completely irredeemable, since he is still capable of performing several heroic actions from time to time, such as teaming up with Hayley to stop a terrorist threat at a stadium.
    3. He still has an excellent voice performance by Seth MacFarlane.
    4. He still has his character design.
    5. Unlike Peter Griffin, he still cares and loves his family at times.
    6. He can still be funny in some episodes, whenever he’s not a malicious idiot.
    7. He is still very patriotic despite his right-wing attitude being long gone from seasons 1 and 2, and to a lesser extent, seasons 3 and 4.
    8. He sometimes does show regret for his sinful deeds, gets his comeuppances, and tries his best to fix his mistakes, such as in "The Mural of the Story", where he apologizes to Hayley and is booed which proves that he won't be a Karma/Idiot Houdini all the time.
    9. Despite still being horrible, his flanderization still didn't fully damage the reputation of the show that wouldn't be the same without him.



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