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    "My great great great grandfather invented Loathsome Characters Wiki. Before him, people would-" Shut up! Your great great great grandfather did not invent Loathsome Characters Wiki! That's a lie!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Compulsive Liar
    Age: 16 (Revenge of the Island)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ashley Peters
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
    Last appearance: "Brain vs Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown"

    Staci was one of the contestants of Total Drama Revenge of the Island as a member of the Toxic Rats. She tells compulsive lies about her relatives about what they invented and is the first one voted off in the season.

    She was voiced by Ashley Peters.


    Little is known about Staci due to her limited time on the show. She is infamous for constantly exaggerating about her family, thus making it exceedingly difficult to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to her background. Staci appears to have good intentions but is talkative to an annoying extent. Additionally, her audition shows that she wants to be accepted by her peers and impress people with her lies. This implies that Staci may be socially awkward and may not have many friends.

    Why She's Intentionally a Compulsive Liar Indeed

    1. She's a useless and incredibly annoying contestant since she constantly lies about the "inventions" she claims her ancestors invented to the point of being a compulsive liar is her only personality trait.
      • Granted, perhaps not all the things she says are lies given that her audition tapes include photographs that back up some of her claims, but even so, she is still irritating due to talking about these things when no one is interested nor asked her to tell them about her family.
    2. On that note, she brags about all the "inventions" she claimed her ancestors created, even in grave situations.
      • After Chris detonated the bomb that sent her and the other contestants plunging into the water, she creates a fib of her third uncle twice removed inventing life preservers while she was drowning.
    3. She does very little to help her team and instead only spews out claims of her ancestors inventing whatever objects the current situation involves.
    4. Her constant rambling and ineptitude got on the nerves of her teammates very quickly, and was also the reason she received the first Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom, thus being the first contestant voted off in the season.
    5. In the same episode, she annoyed Anne Maria by straight up claiming that her great aunt Millie invented sun tans. This results in her getting sprayed by the latter's hairspray.
    6. Idiot Move: Not long after her receipt of the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom, she touches the marshmallow, which, due to the radioactive chemicals, results in her losing all of her hair.
    7. Unlike Beardo who only appeared in his debut episode, Staci returns in the finale, "Brain vs Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown" as a member of the peanut gallery to watch the climactic showdown between Cameron and Lightning, though this is somewhat excusable as this was the final episode of the season and the eliminated contestants returning in the finale to watch the final two competitors compete for the million dollars has been an established tradition in the Total Drama series, with the exception of All-Stars and Pahkitew Island.
    8. Just when the mutants run amok in the Chrisiseum thanks to Chris sicking them to the eliminated contestants, Staci got gobbled up by Larry just as she was about to talk about another one of her relatives.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Like with every character in the series, her character design is passable.
    2. Ashley Peters did a decent job voicing her.
    3. Despite being annoying, it's likely she was intentionally written to be specifically so by the writers so the viewers would not feel that the first boot of the season was a wasted character and to avoid similar problems with the fandom feeling that the first boot was underused like it happened with Ezekiel.
    4. Her lies can even get to be funny due to how ridiculous they sound.
    5. She thankfully only competed in one season.


    • Staci, along with Beardo, are the two contestants who have the lowest participation in the series; she has currently competed in only one episode.
      • However, unlike Beardo, who only appeared in his debut episode, Staci also appeared in one more episode than he did.
    • Staci is one of seven contestants to have never received a symbol of immunity, with the others being Ezekiel, Noah, Blaineley, Anne Maria, Amy, and Beardo.
    • Staci is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Sierra (temporary), Alejandro (temporary), Ezekiel, Chris (temporary), Chef Hatchet, Dakota, Dave, and Heather (temporary).
    • Staci's original character design bears a resemblance to the Little Britain character Vicky Pollard.
    • Staci is one of three contestants to have never outranked another contestant, with the others being Beardo and Ezekiel.
    • Staci is the only contestant in Total Drama history to have never used the confessional.
    • Not counting Jo after she switched teams, Staci is the only female member of the Toxic Rats to never appear in her nightwear.
    • There are a few mistakes on Staci's refresh label:
      • Her name is misspelled as "Stacy", a variant of "Staci".
      • Her picture shows her without the zipper on her outfit.


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