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    Spud Muffin (Transformers: BotBots)

    Spud Muffin
    "Burgertron couldn't lead the Hunger Hubs! It needed to be ME! But everyone assumed cuz he was a burger and I was fries that HE was the main course and I was the side dish! FRIES CAN BE A MAIN COURSE TOO! Burgertron had to get lost!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: French Fry-transforming Mean Popular Boy
    The BotBots Equivalent to FHFIF Bendy and Animated Sentinel Prime
    Species: Hunger Hubs
    Portrayed by: Joseph Motiki
    Media of origin: Transformers: BotBots

    Spud Muffin is the main antagonist of Transformers: BotBots. He used to be Burgertron's best friend, but later turned against him by sending him to the Lost and Found.

    Why He Intentionally Deserves To Be Exiled To The Dark Side Of The Mall

    1. Not only is he considered one of the weakest villains in Transformers: BotBots (alongside Dave) and begin a mean popular boy example, but he is considered the worst character in the series.
    2. Despite being the antagonist, he doesn't seem to be as threatening as Megatron from the original Transformers.
    3. He does everything he can to keep Burgertron out of the Hunger Hubs.
    4. His motives are unjustified, he wanted to be leader because he didn't like burgers being the main course and fries being the side dish.
    5. Joseph Motiki gives out a bad performance.
    6. He did two bad crimes and made Burgertron have the blame.
      • He untied the rope and freed Dave during Bot Prom almost exposed all the bots. This caused the Lost Bots to be blamed for the flesh being escaping.
      • He framed Burgertron for murdering Sprinkleberry Duh'nut. And when everybot wanted to know who framed Burgertron for "murdering" Sprinkleberry, he distracted all of them by announcing a Mallwide Post-Court Dance Party, which caused everybot (including Burgertron) to go off-topic and forget this mystery. That would never work in real life.
    7. Even after the Lost Bots saved the Mall by getting Dave's job back, he refuses to celebrate their heroism and instead host a party about having fun.
    8. Until the end of Season 1, he received no comeuppance, exposed, scolded, called-out or didn't even got any consequences for his actions, making him a Karma Houdini for the most part. (not even the Lost Bots themselves or/and the bots who tolerant The Lost Bots give him a punishment.)

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does get his comeuppance when he accidentally broke the Sacred Rule of the Mall by getting seen by Dave the Mall Guard. His punishment is an exlie to the Dark Side of the Mall, which is satisfying.
    2. Like Skeebo with Pac, his hatred of Burgertron is somewhat justified because he can be considered unlikable. (But that doesn't really excuse his horrible treatment towards the other Lost Bots)
    3. He was clearly supposed to be hated.


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