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Spoiled Rich
Further proof that the parents are usually the problem.
Gender: Female
Type: Manipulative, Yet Spoiled Bitch
Species: Earth Pony
Status: Alive
Media of origin: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

"You've spent your life acting like a high horse and raised me to follow in your hoofprints! At first, I thought this was fine, but then I finally realized I wanted something you don't have – friends!"
Diamond Tiara

Spoiled Rich (née Milk) is a minor character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is Diamond Tiara's mother and Filthy Rich's wife, and is the head of the school board.

Why She Intentionally Sucks

  1. She is a selfish, spoiled mean girl. and a very bad parent.
  2. She's very manipulative and overbearing towards her daughter, Diamond Tiara, which resulted in her becoming a mean popular girl who bullies many kids (especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders).
  3. When Diamond Tiara lost the election in "Crusaders of the Last Mark", Spoiled Rich took it too seriously, and she wanted to take away the playground for no reason.
  4. In the episode "Where The Apple Lies", a flashback shows Spoiled Rich acting like one of the worst jerks in MLP.
  5. She was the one who gave the Cutie Mark Crusaders the name "blank flanks" to belittle them.
  6. Compared to most other female ponies in the show, her design is a bit unappealing to look at, particularly her nose.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It could be possible that she's like this because her parents spoiled her all the time.
  2. Her name is pretty accurate since it describes her actions exactly.
  3. She did get called out by her daughter for her behavior in "Crusaders of the Last Mark", the same episode where Diamond Tiara redeems herself.


  • She had several names, prior to her debut, including "Stuck Up Rich" and "Married Rich".
  • There are some theories that Spoiled Rich has been bullied herself when she was younger due to her large nose, which could explain why she is the way she is.


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