Spike Bulldog (The Tom and Jerry Show (2014))

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Spike Bulldog (The Tom and Jerry Show (2014))
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What happened to our favorite bulldog?
Gender: Male
Type: Mean-Spirited, Tactless, Sometimes Dogmatic or Evil & Ill-tempered Brute
Age: 30s (Theoretically)
Species: Dog
Portrayed by: Rick Zieff
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Spike Bulldog (or simply Spike) is a character from the Tom and Jerry franchise.

While Spike used to be likable and more tolerable in previous Tom and Jerry shows, sadly in the 2014 reboot he has been flanderized to being unlikable. Because of that, despite being one of the "supporting protagonists" of the series, Spike has been frequently been depicted as anti-heroic and even villainous, eventually going so far to become the direct antagonist of several episodes despite the series' pilot episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. He has been flanderized badly in this show, and as as the result, he got a drastic change in personality as well. He went from a stereotypical bulldog who had a good side (as he would either help out Tom or Jerry whenever it was necessary) into a mean, short-tempered and unlikable annoying brutish jerk who beats up both Tom and Jerry in whatever situations he gets himself stuck in.
    • For example, in the episode "Dental Case," Spike will have to go to the vet if his bad tooth isn't pulled out in time. Unfortunately, almost every attempt Tom and/or Jerry make(s) to pull it results in Tom getting hurt in some way. Even when they try to leave, they're forced to continue to help him, as he threatens to beat them up if they don't pull it out.
    • Because of his flanderization, he is even a bad influence on his own son Tyke unlike previous Tom and Jerry incarnations where he was a good father, evident in the episode "Tic-Tyke-D'oh" his sore loser nature in games causes his son Tyke to imitate his actions. What's even worse is that instead of teaching Tyke to be a good sport instead of a sore loser himself like any father would, Spike actually blackmails both Tom and Jerry into doing it under threats of inflicting violence on both the cat and mouse duo, hence turning his son Tyke into a bratty sore loser like his own father. Talk about bad parenting.
  2. The way he's written in this show and portrayed is all over the place. He is supposed to be a fair character, yet most of the time, he is portrayed as an unfair, mean-spirited, rude, violent, selfish, reckless, egotistical, and hypocritical character. For example, he is shown to even take sadistic pleasure of harassing Tom even if it means to make him fear for his life, despite usually never being intentionally provoked by him. He calls out on either Tom or Jerry for being violent and rude despite possessing those traits himself. He can't take responsibility for his actions and would blame others for not "helping him".
  3. As mentioned, he can be shown to be an outright villainous character despite claims.
  4. He is also depicted as a stereotypical bulldog claiming to be tough, short-tempered and vicious, with an unjustified hatred for cats. Even though he claims to be tough, he can also be a coward. For example, he fears Hannible in one episode, even though he barely does anything to him other than teasing or verbally threatening him.
  5. He doesn't care about others. For example, he uses Tom and Jerry as decoys or as defense means very frequently. He even enslaves Tom.
  6. He barely gets any comeuppance for his actions.
  7. He is incredibly lazy.

Good Qualities

  1. Sometimes, he is decent and not mean-spirited. Like whenever he has the decency to help out either Tom or Jerry when it was necessary, even if his caring moments for them are rare.
  2. At least he still does care for his son Tyke.
  3. Depending on your view, he is likable in Spike Gets Skooled.
  4. He was a much more likable, memorable and tolerable character in the original Hanna-Barbera era Tom and Jerry series. While he has been mildly flanderized after the original series, he was still likable and tolerable, not until the 2014 TV series where he received even more flanderization and became more mean-spirited and aggressive. Only then is he universally hated.
  5. The Tom and Jerry franchise would likely not be as great as it is without him.


  • In The Tom and Jerry Show, Spike ended his friendship with Jerry because Spike finally notices it was Jerry who was really responsible for bothering his son, stealing his bones and getting bothered and injured, as seen in most episodes of the reboot such as "Birthday Bashed".




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