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    Sparky Car
    "Child abuse!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Extremely Whiny, Bratty, Annoying One-Dimensional Car
    Species: Vehicle (AC Cobra)
    Portrayed by: Corinne Orr
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A Car's Life

    Sparky (or full name: Sparky Car for some reason) is an anthropomorphic sports car. He is the main protagonist of the infamous critically-panned movie series A Car's Life from Spark Plug Entertainment. He is based on a 1965 AC Cobra.[1]

    Why He Doesn't Find His Own Road Nor Does He Go On A Big Adventure

    A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure/General

    1. He is a complete rip-off of Lightning McQueen from the Cars series, most notably due to them both being the main protagonist, and both being painted in red. But unlike Lightning McQueen, who gained character development later in the film, Sparky doesn't get enough character development in the film, aside from learning not to trust strangers, even in the second film, which makes him somewhat feel like a one-dimensional character. Despite this, Sparky isn't even a race car. He is more of a sports car as possible!
    2. Dumb and lazy last name. His last name is "Car", so that makes his full name"Sparky Car", which is absolutely a stupid idea. It's a lot like if James Rolfe from The Angry Video Game Nerd would be James Human, Fred from Scooby-Doo would be Fred Human, and by the film's logic, Scoop from Bob the Builder would be Scoop Digger instead.
    3. The infamous scene where he unrealistically literally jumps over a pothole and drives around or does circles around the cacti for no reason!
    4. His voice can get pretty irritating to listen to.
    5. Though this scene could be considered somewhat funny to some viewers when his dad Fender pushes him to the car wash at the gas station, he says the very dark term "Child abuse!", which is an inappropriate script for a U-rated film.
    6. Lackluster modeling: He has his mouth where his nose (grill) should be.
      • Also, otherwise, speaking of resemblances to real-life counterparts, why did they want to model him after the said car, a 1965 AC Cobra? That's too cool of a car though.
    7. Despite the film's title being "Sparky's Big Adventure", and its synopsis, he does not even go on a big adventure at all.
    8. He wants to find his road but needs to learn the rules.
    9. He never listens to Fender, who is also explained in the film's synopsis as well.
    10. Just like with all of the other main characters (even including Norbert as well), he was very recently reused as an unanthropomorphic model from Spark Plug Entertainment's next film, Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, which was interestingly enough to be released on the same date as the first A Car's Life film did. The same goes for the desert roads as well.
    11. Plot hole: Why would he keep his modifications even though he already hated it? This also counts as hypocrisy.
      • On that topic, in the ending he said that he'll take off his modifications, but in the sequels, he is still shown to have them stay on.
    12. His mouth hardly moves and does not work as well as his grill.
      • In addition, it stays open, and he somehow smiles like Pepe the Frog.
    13. Major alternate semi-resemblances from later media, etc.: His design is somewhat almost a foreshadow of Roary the Racing Car, a visually very familiar character from the show with the same name, as both characters are young boys and often get into trouble. And his eyes resemble that of the popular Lightning McQueen "Kerchoo" meme.

    A Car's Life 2

    1. Plot holes again:
      • Why did Fender ask him to slow down on the patch of gravel, but Sparky didn't anyway?
      • Why did Fender ask Sparky if he took the turn at the turtle crossing sign, but claimed there was no sign?
        • And in the case of the last topic, he didn't make the turn at all anyways!
      • Next, why did he want to wear some weird-looking front bumper accessory called a "Bump-Me-Knot"?

    Adventurous Qualities

    A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure/General

    1. A few funny moments involving him, like when he is about to sing.
      • The scene where he gets modified off-screen is unintentionally funny.
    2. Additionally, despite not getting much character development, he can still be nice sometimes.
    3. He gives a bit better performance in A Car's Life 2.
    4. He redeems himself a bit in the third film, A Car's Life 3: The Royal Heist.

    A Car's Life 2

    1. Once again, funny moments involved him here too, like when he sneezes on the stack of oil cans.
    2. He can still be nice sometimes again.


    • "WAPOW MY BRETHREN" became a meme.



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