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    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying Dog
    Species: Dog
    Portrayed by: Noriko Tsukase
    Katsue Miwa
    Media of origin: Ohayo! Spank

    Spank is the main titular protagonist of the controversial and infamous shōnen anime and manga series Ohayo! Spank and its sequels Spank's New Adventures and Spank and Torakichi Super Partners.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He is a mediocre and forgettable animal protagonist of the Japanese animation story.
    2. His anime series doesn't make sense.
    3. He tries to get revenge against everyone for betrayal since no one cares for him.
    4. His hilarious dialogue and whining are gross.
    5. He tries to do the right things against everyone without mercy, just so he can be loved by everyone.
    6. He is a cruel troublemaker.
    7. His attitudes are unfunny, unfaithful, annoying and boring.
    8. His relationship with Aiko Morimura feels forced and the one with Torakichi is no better.
    9. He continually tries to ruin the lives of everyone for love.
    10. He is a spoiled brat who never acts his age
    11. His tragic problem is his love with a love interest, and he thinks everybody loves Torakichi and Aiko better than him.
    12. He's especially considered the Europe's Most Hated, in which his shows are controversial and forgettable.
    13. In the course of "Ohayo! Spank", he is a cruel heartbreaker, and then he finds himself involved in all various problems that he tries to solve.
    14. At the beginning of "Spank's New Adventures", he betrays Aiko Morimura, for living his new life, and goes at bad adventures with his true love interest Fanfan.
    15. In the course of "Spank and Torakichi Super Partners", he badly ruins Torakichi's life for various problems, despite they finally truly agree each other.
    16. He rarely, if ever, gets punished for his actions, which makes him a Karma Houdini.
    17. He's a bad friend.
    18. He continually dishonored everyone.
    19. He loves the United States better than Japan.
    20. At the end of "Ohayo! Spank" and in "Spank's New Adventures" and "Spank and Torakichi Super Partners", he was more flanderized.

    Good Qualities

    1. Her tragic love interests/friends Cat and/or Fanfan show that they agree with him.
    2. His humor is really decent for the most part.
    3. Sometimes, the problems he faces also have a positive side.
    4. He can be likable at times, even if he has been too mean and unfair to everyone.
    5. His design is cute, but don't let that fool you because of his selfish nature.
    6. He gradually improved as the show went on, especially in the series finale.
    7. Spank is generally in love with people, which at least explains his problems.
    8. Despite he's the most hated, is often considered positively an underrated anime character.
    9. In both "Ohayo! Spank" and "Spank and Torakichi Super Partners", Torakichi sometimes realizes that Spank does the right things.
    10. At the end of "Spank and Torakichi Super Partners", Spank's fate is truly happy, despite his bad actions against everyone.
    11. At all times it he proves to have truly honored.


    • Ohayo! Spank (1981-1982) was originally broadcast on TV Tokyo, while Spank's New Adventures (1989-1991) and Spank and Torakichi Super Partners (1994-1995) was broadcast both on TV Asahi.
    • Exaggeratedly and unforgivably, due to Spank and his reasons (even for love), on the misfortune of Japan which was all tragically a huge mistake, all over the world, the anime franchise of Ohayo! Spank, which features the dog Spank as its bad protagonist, is often more infamous than famous.


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